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    New Slot App for Your Apple Watch Ready for Real Gambling

    Have you ever been waiting for the bus and thought how amazing it would be, if you just were able to play slots on your Apple Watch without even having to get your phone out of your pocket and start winning money? Do you have to wait too long again for your pumpkin spiced latte […]

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    Top Destination for Poker Players in December: Prague

    The Central European city oozes a special charm during December, when the roofs of its old town are covered with snow, the smell of sweet mulled wine lingers on the streets and millions little lights shine in the evening in eager anticipation of the christmas holidays. But this year Prague is not only the ideal […]

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    Amaya to Withdraw its Fantasy Sports Sector from US Market

    After Nevada made the decision, that fantasy sport Companies are required to acquire a gambling license from October 15, Amaya has announced to mostly withdraw from the whole US market concerning real money games and tournaments. Amaya also has already withdrawn from the market in Florida, after the same decision about the necessity of obtaining a […]

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    Number of Chinese Visitors in Cambodia Supposed to Triple until 2020

    During the recent Macau forum, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Asia gambling, Cambodian tourism authorities have announced to have set themselves an impressive goal. They want to increase the number of Chinese visitors in Cambodia up to 2 million until 2020 by attracting them with their huge variety of gambling options. With about 700 000 […]

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    American Gambling Association Survey Finds that Gamblers are Likely to Be Educated, Wealthy, Married and Religious

      Anti-gambling crusaders argue that most Americans oppose the activity and that most gamblers are poor and uneducated. A recent survey shows that these ideas miss the mark completely.   While most English-speaking countries such as the UK, Canada and Australia have relatively open gambling markets, the US has some of the developed world’s most […]

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    Why the Aussies, Irish and Singaporeans are the World’s Biggest Losers

      Australia topped a survey of the biggest gambling nations worldwide, with the Irish being the biggest losers in Europe. Here’s an in-depth look at why.   The UK-based consultancy G2 Gambling Capital periodically comes out with a statistical survey on “the world’s biggest losers”, the countries whose citizens forfeit the largest amounts of money […]

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    The Art of Deception: Masks, Costumes and Intrigue in Casino Gambling

      Deception is the quickest path to riches in the world of casino gambling. Here are a few memorable examples of casino deceivers, actors and cheats.   Gambling is many things. Part hard-earned skill; part luck. But the most interesting part of gambling is that of deception. Throughout the centuries of casino gambling the art […]

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    Casino War for Beginners

    What Exactly is Casino War?  Casino War is one of the easiest casino games to play. If you’ve ever played “War” as a kid, then you’ll already know how to play. In the case you didn’t play War in your childhood, then it’s simply a bet on who has the highest card. To make completely […]

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    Three Card Poker for Beginners

    What Exactly is Three Card Poker?  Unlike standard poker, in the three card variety you’re playing the dealer. And as the name says, there are only three cards involved in this version, making the rules slightly different to your usual poker game. Read how in our three card poker for beginners guide! Three card poker’s […]

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    Craps for Beginners

    What Exactly is Craps?  Craps is one of the most fun casino games there is, but for the first timer this game of dice can appear daunting. But fear not, our craps for beginners guide will help you with that! In simple terms, craps is a game of dice where you can bet that the […]