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UK Gambling Firms must Check each Player in each Hour

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The UK Gambling Commissions’ newest measures to protect problem gamblers is a huge duty for the UK gambling firms. Since during the previous months, plenty of players were facing a higher risk to follow harmful behavior, the UK authorities told the betting firms to check or even contact their consumers each hour. That can happen in the form of a notice or in more serious cases even in the form of a massage or a phone call.

If you follow the latest gambling news you probably heard about how many measurements the UK Gambling Commission did in the reflection of the current situation. They take it seriously, and only time can decide that was these decisions worth the effort or not. Anyways, safety first. And anyhow, this new way to protect problem gamblers seems sensible since a new straight channel of communication could boost people’s responsibility during gambling. Still, gambling firms will need to invest in a newish communication channel or use more human resources. And, during the current revenue drop, this is just another pain in the ars.

The UK Gambling Firms must pay extra attention to engaged gamblers

Engaged gamblers are basically players, who are using all the gambling products on the market. Players who are placing bets, spinning the online slots and if they are really bored they are playing some online poker as well. For the first look, it can seem that they have an infamous hobby. However, during the current situation that can cause serious consequences.

There are more engaged gamblers than you would think for the first time. According to the UK Gambling Commission, 8% of the consumers of the UK Gambling Firms are engaged gamblers. And here comes the problematic part. Two third of these players spend more time or spend more money on online wagering products since the disaster. In the long term, this behavior can easily cause them problems in their lives. Even more, it will be more difficult to return since their gambling addiction will pair with a gaming addiction.

Thus, the UK Gambling Commission came up with an idea

UK gambling firms storing a lot of data which is hoarded during the identity certifications. So, the Commission told them to use this information for the protection of their consumers. Engaged gamblers are usually using one gambling firm’s products. Therefore, the operators must follow his or her behavior and if he or she playing continuously they should notify them if they can cause harm to him- or herself. Since even if he or she doesn’t exceed the time limit, continuous gaming with different products can cause serious financial and social problems.

However, if there are no significant issues with the individual the UK Gambling Firms can simply call or text him that he should always act in the spirit of responsible gambling. By the way, in more serious cases the firms must ask the individual for payslips or further documents that prove that he can afford the next deposit. The Commission suggests making these measurements in each hour if it’s neccesary.

Even more, the Commission also deliberate that keep these measurements permanently. Thus, if this system works we can expect that from now the UK betting firms will have a bigger role in the fight against problem gambling.

In summary, from now until who knows when, UK gambling firms must strictly monitor their consumers’ behavior. This way they could help the UK Gambling Commission’s work with their stored data. Will this work or gamblers will simply jump between operators? Is this a permanent move? Only time can decide…

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