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    Tom Watson Joined Paddy Power – An Unexpected New Alliance

    The industry is buzzing around the appearance of a new important figure. Tom Watson Joined Paddy Power, the UK’s biggest gambling company.  Peter Jackson (Flutter's chief executive) expressed his gratefulness in connection with the assignment of Tom. In his opinion, together, they will be able to rebuild a sustainable gambling market.

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    Seven Tips on How to Boost Your Gambling Skills Online

    There are many meaningless guides online about how to boost your gambling skills. However, we gonna keep things real, and tell you how you supposed to manage your online ventures. No "strategies that actually work", no tricky bonuses but the pure facts about the psychology of gambling and how you can follow the principles of responsible gaming while jumping in the deep water. Let's take a closer look together at how to beat the house. Or at least, how to step on the tail of the tiger. Since the house is always a bigger predator.

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    UK Gambling Firms must Check each Player in each Hour

    The UK Gambling Commissions' newest measures to protect problem gamblers is a huge duty for the UK gambling firms. Since during the previous months, plenty of players were facing a higher risk to follow harmful behavior, the UK authorities told the betting firms to check or even contact their consumers each hour. That can happen in the form of a notice or in more serious cases even in the form of a massage or a phone call.

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    GameSense – MGM Responsible Gambling Program Aims to Promote Greater Player Protection

    To help battle problem gambling for casino visitors, the MGM Responsible Gambling plan is set to be introduced across all of their units. (Image credit: Reference) The MGM Responsible Gambling program will make use of GameSense, which was designed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) to help players combat problem gambling before any serious […]

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    Quote Roll: April 5, 2016 – Gambling Quotes of the Week

    Gambling quotes of the week are here to reveal the gambling secrets of Nicole Kidman, the connection between football and betting, the link between problem gambling and other psychological problems, and other issues which marked the beginning of spring in the gambling world. One of the most shocking gambling news of the week came from […]

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    Invisible Gambling Stigmas

    Invisible gambling stigmas can make one’s life bitter. Since these are the latest days of the gambling awareness month, there are still a few things we should consider. First of all, if we are talking about responsible gambling, we don’t mean to avoid gambling in general. However, we indicate to stay balanced between playing and excessive […]

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    Panic button at William Hill Cuts Down on Profit

    Panic button at William Hill enables gamblers to lock their accounts up. However, it causes serious decline in terms of casino income – as the firm announced. The panic button at William Hill was introduced last year.  That allows punters to lock their accounts out for 24 hours or even more. When clicking on the […]

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    FanBet Ad Banned due to Aggression Against Responsible Gambling

    Responsible gambling is a standard guideline to which every gambling operator should adhere to while offering services. Responsible gambling includes different areas and aspects of gambling. First of all, protecting vulnerable players, under-aged gamblers and preventing customers from criminal behavior. Moreover, providing the privacy of information, fair gaming and arranging payments promptly and securely. Mind Responsible […]