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Take a look at what the GBGC CEO had to say about the UK Government


The latest reports from the UK stated by the CEO of the Global Betting & Gaming Consultants (GBGC), Warwick Bartlett, has stated that he believes that the government has overreacted to the FOBTs and the new rates are terrible for gambling operators. Let’s take a look at the details in the GBGC CEO interview.

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GBGC CEO Exclusive Interview

So, let’s get down to business. The following interview was about the new gambling fixed odds betting terminals’ rates being reduced from £100 to £2. Here’s what Warwick Bartlett, the GBGC CEO had to say:

“We started to get lots of enquiries from people wanting to set up internet businesses through the trade association. I asked if I could handle those enquiries and once that was agreed with the directors I set up the consultancy GBGC.”

“We don’t have a very high marketing profile these days because everyone knows who we are. We are number one on Google for gambling consultants and that is our primary source of enquires. We’ve worked with over 700 clients since the very beginning and we report on every country in the world where gambling takes place.”

“It’s a new beginning, the US market, but betting has unfortunately taken place illegally for a very long time,” Bartlett says. “It’s starting from a low base but it’s already shown signs of ramping up. I’m hopeful the legalisation of sports betting will completely eradicate illegal sports betting in the US.

“That will be to the benefit of the consumer and the states bringing forth legislation will for the first time have control and tax revenue, which at the moment they don’t have.

“We are waiting to see how many states do eventually legalise sports betting but I’m hopeful New York, California and the states with the largest populations and highest income per capita will eventually do so.”

Bartlett believes that the US market is a serious game-changer, as it is full of potential. He says that for now, the UK remains in uncertainty. The FOBTs new rate has hit the industry hard.

“The UK market continues to expand for online gambling. I think it will be given a boost by the fact hundreds of licensed betting shops will close.

“Big operators and independent bookmakers are all closing shops now and their customers will either have to find another shop or bet online. I am sure betting shop staff will have guided them towards their own company internet sites.”

What do you think is the solution for the UKs future? Do you agree with the GBGC CEO? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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