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Responsible Gambling Panel Criticizes MP Proposals for Max Stake Limits on Online Slots


The Gambling Related Harm All-Party Group (GRH APPG) called for stake and deposit limits to be set at £2 for online slot gaming in its interim report. However, a Responsible Gambling Panel has criticized the MP proposals for max stake limits on online slots. Let’s take a look. 

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Responsible Gambling Panel Not in Favor of MP Proposal for Deposit Limits

The panel has said that the proposal is problematic as it over-simplifies a complex issue. In fact, the Director of Sustainability at William Hill, Lyndsay Wright, said the following:

“I think if the answer were that simple we would have done it by now.

“We have to be quite thoughtful about the ecosystem in which our customers play online, especially when you’re dealing in a world where it’s not difficult to get yourself to an unlicensed operator.”

Wes Himes, CEO of the Remote Gambling Association, also commented on the matter:

“We think affordability is a much more forensic and comprehensive way to approach the issue.

“We are testing various procedures based on our ability to identify customers in relation to their financial position, which will provide a much better case-by-case, person-by-person view on what is affordable for that player.”

Later on, the Head of Safer Gambling at Sky Bet, Ben Wright, also had his say on the matter:

“Limits are a blunt tool. There are more sophisticated things we could be doing across our industry, whether it’s data-science, affordability or customer education.”

Would you back the Responsible Gambling Panel on this one or are the PM’s right? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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