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Quote Roll: April 26, 2016 – Gambling Quotations of the Week


Gambling Quotations of Quote Roll are about to reveal concerns regarding under-age gambling in the world, fantasy sports betting in Tennessee, and usage of sunglasses during poker games.

Apparently, underage gambling is a huge problem all over the world. Recently, there have been concerns regarding youngsters’ gambling habits in Kenya and Canada.

Legalization debates of fantasy sports betting in the US seem like a never ending story. There are still debates concerning the legal status of fantasy sports betting in the US. It seems like lawmakers still cannot decide whether fantasy sports should be listed under the category of gambling or not.

Problem gambling experts keep making statements about how serious is gambling addiction. The common point seems like people with addictions do not accept that they are actually addicted to gambling. In other words, gambling addiction has been turned into persona non grata although it dwells among people.

According to online gambling news in the US, another significant debate of topic of the week is sunglasses. There is a highly heated debated going on regarding the advantages and disadvantages of wearing sunglasses during poker games.

Here are the gambling quotations of the week to explain the gambling news of the week:

Gambling Quotations Ezekiel Mutua – “The craze of gambling and betting has taken root in this country to build lazy generations that believe you can hit the jackpot and become rich overnight.”

Ezekiel Mutua, the chief executive of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), is annoyed by the gambling craze in Kenya. He believes that gambling and betting habits of people are contributing in the creation of lazy generations. His statement reflects the truth to some extent as people believe in overnight success when they decide to buy a Powerball ticket online. Considering the fact that only several months ago Powerball jackpot mounted to $1.5 billion, believing in an overnight fortune is not illogical. However, assuming that betting and gambling create a lazy generation doesn’t sound quite logical as it is a known fact that only a small portion of the society can earn a large sum out of gambling and betting.

Gambling Quotations Rahul Sood – “I don’t think betting should be illegal, but I do think it should be highly regulated. No shady operators whatsoever, and legit operators need licenses to run such operations. Responsible and safe gambling should be their top priority. Underage gambling is a complete non-starter and should be shut down.”

These words belong to Unikrn co-founder and CEO Rahul Sood. Unikrn is an e-Sports betting service. Apparently, Sood knows a lot about the e-sports betting industry. Therefore, we can assume that he has better demographics data regarding e-sports betting in the world. If he says that there are underage youngsters betting on e-Sports, then we can assume that the situation is serious. Whether e-sports betting is gambling or not, it has to be regulated properly so that only responsible adults can venture into it. If you are a responsible adult, you should start checking how to bet on eSports since it reflects the new era of online gaming.


Gambling Quotations David Alexander – “What we have up here right now are a lot of people who are promoting gambling. So to my non-legal mind, that means they are breaking the law.”

We are moving from e-Sports betting to Fantasy sports betting. Republican member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, David Alexander stated that the lobbyists of DraftKings and FanDuel should be arrested since they promote gambling in Tennessee in which gambling is illegal. Once again we get stuck in the question of whether fantasy sports betting is gambling or not. The best fantasy sports betting sites in the US, DraftKings and FanDuel are pushing hard to get legal credibility to operate in the US states. Alexander is right if fantasy sports betting is gambling while he is standing on the wrong side unless it is not. The best thing to do seems like regulation fantasy sports betting properly so that the fantasy sports betting sites in the US can operate following the regulatory measures.



Gambling Quotations Daniel Negreanu – “Banning sunglasses helps to protect the integrity of the game against cheating. For that reason alone, they should be completely outlawed from poker.” 

As you can see in the Kid Poker Documentary, Daniel Negreanu is the unusual child of poker. Successful player believes that wearing sunglasses should be banned to prevent cheating. Many professional poker players wouldn’t agree with him. Players who can bluff properly may not need sunglasses; however, many players need them to hide their feelings. Wearing sunglasses doesn’t seem a dangerous practice unless they have invented some laser glasses which can reveal what is under the card. If you want to stay away from such arguments, you can play poker online at home and enjoy a high-tech poker game away from cheaters.




Gambling Quotations Fiona Guthrie – “We have to try to remove the stigma. Some people don’t recognise they have got problems with gambling and when they do they are very embarrassed or ashamed about trying to address it.”

Fiona Guthrie is the CEO of Financial Counselling Australia. She believes that people are not aware of the fact that they have gambling problems. In many societies gambling addiction is a taboo. People feel shame; therefore, they do not want to believe that they are addicted. However, problem gambling is a common issue. Gambling is profitable and fun as long as you know your limits. As Nicole Kidman once said that she gambles only the amount that she sets for her gambling session. If you know your limits, you are more than fine. If you a responsible gambler, you can go ahead and check our US online casinos list to find the proper online casino for you.

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