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Here’s what the Gambling Commission CEO had to say


If you’re interested in betting and are based in the UK, then you’re surely going to want to take a look at this shred of news. The Gambling Commission CEO has come out and spoken about some problems the industry faces and how the body wants operators to improve themselves. Let’s take a look.

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What the Gambling Commission CEO wants to Highlight

Basically, the Gambling Commission CEO spoke out about their current achievements, which has taken more than 160 investigations and handed out a total of £19.6m against operators, and how they want to improve in the future. The body has stated that it wants more to be done by operators to get to know their customers.

In its annual report, the Commission has highlighted problematic areas the industry faces, and offered advice to companies in the form of health checks.

The report and its associated materials, primarily a training video, focus on delivering the messages of the Commission to operators’ different levels of management.

One of the key areas of discussion was affordability and consumer protection. The report charts monthly disposable income across a range of salaries.

Richard Watson, who is the Executive Director of Enforcement and Intelligence, said that if the mindset of the operators can be changed, in order to get to know the customer first, this can help avoid gambling addicts being able to easily access the system.

Watson said the following:

“You can see where they fit into the framework of managing people, it makes sense. But operators are not basing them on their customers.”

The Gambling Commission CEO, Neil McArthur also had a say on the matter:

“The most effective thing is that which is as frictionless as possible for the consumer.

“We want to see more trials that constantly improve what operators know about their customers.”

“Our dynamic risk assessment is constantly asking the question of: is this operator suitable to provide the facilities they are offering?

“That’s a constant touchstone for us in terms of every contact we have with an operator and every piece of information that comes in.”

“We’re doing a lot of work around the part we control, which is not fundamentally about consumer redress, it’s more about systems. We are not here for customer service, we are here for the systemic controls. But we can see in some cases there is an overlap.”

You can really see that the Gambling Commission CEO is focused on improving the system within the UK, in order to protect the customer first before helping out the operator. We will be keeping a close eye on the matter and let you know of any updates at the latest online gambling news.

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