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GMS Entertainment is bought by Aspire Global


The latest reports suggest that GMS Entertainment has been purchased by Aspire Global for approximately $14.9m. The new owners are also the owners of online casino content developer Pariplay. It is expected that the transaction will be completed in Q3 of 2019, once authorities have announced the deal and approved it. Let’s take a look at the story as a whole.

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Aspire Global New Investment in GMS Entertainment

Pariplay currently holds gaming licenses in the UK, Malta, Curaçao, Romania and Gibraltar. The company has recently had a gaming certification cleared for New Jersey, which will provide Aspire Global with a growth opportunity in the US.
Here’s a few words from Tsachi Maimon, the CEO at Aspire Global:

“We are very excited about the acquisition of Pariplay, which is in line with our M & A strategy focusing on B2B growth and external game sales.

“Moreover, Pariplay has cleared a gaming certification for New Jersey, representing a potential growth opportunity as US operators will be gaining access to Pariplay’s gaming content.”

It is also good to take a look at what the CEO of Pariplay, Gili Lisani, had to say:

“I feel confident about sending the company off for the next phase of the growth journey and I believe the match with Aspire Global is great, allowing both to reach whole new levels.”

What do you think about the Aspire Global purchase of GMS Entertainment? Do you think it will be a successful partnership between the two companies? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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