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Henry County bar hit by gambling raid


A bar in Georgia called Henry county has just been subject to a gambling raid. The owner has been arrested and additional arrests are currently pending. The bar, famous for its Monday night poker and pool has been shut and further investigation is being reviewed. Let’s read on.

If you follow the latest online gambling news, you can find more stories about illegal gambling operations. Local gambling venues can be risky if they do not hold proper licenses and in America it is worth keeping up to date with current gambling venue news.

Henry county bar plays its last hand after gambling raid seizes control

Just on Wednesday, Henry county bar was hit with a gambling raid by the GBI and McDonough police. The bar, a McDonough bar and grill on Macon street, was well known through the neighbourhood for it Monday night poker and pool tournaments.

The bar was shut on suspicion of illegal commercial gambling, and the owner, of more than ten years, Traci McDonald was arrested on site.

The state of Georgia’s gambling laws regarding coin operated machines, for example slot machines, must be licensed by the Georgia lottery, and credits you may win may only be redeemed for lottery tickets or other merchandise, in no case can you win hard cash from them.

The GBI, led by Special Agent in Charge Cindy Ledford, ran an undercover operation in which GBI infiltrated the Motorheads bar and partook in placing bets and casino style poker games.

“Gambling in bars in not uncommon” She told Channel 2 Action News

“It is a state-wide problem, and there is a lot of money involved in Gambling in Georgia”

Another gambling raid in the Unites States is not an uncommon sight, however due to the continuous frequency of local bars putting up gambling events or machines, it makes it that much harder for the authorities to police. The money exchanging hands most likely will not feed too much interest for the state council, but where there are illegal activities, there is a higher possibility for crime and human rights violations, in which case action must be taken swiftly and correctly. We will keep you updated on how this story develops and more similar stories, let us know in the comment section below if you liked this article and would see others like it. 

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