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    New Orleans senator, Peterson, admits gambling addiction

    Karen Peterson, Senator from New Orleans has opened up after revealing her gambling addiction last month. She goes on to say she will support a notion for legalization of Sports betting, if a portion of the in-land revenue can go to the state’s compulsive gambling fund. If you follow the latest online gambling news, you can […]

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    Henry County bar hit by gambling raid

    A bar in Georgia called Henry county has just been subject to a gambling raid. The owner has been arrested and additional arrests are currently pending. The bar, famous for its Monday night poker and pool has been shut and further investigation is being reviewed. Let’s read on. If you follow the latest online gambling news, […]

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    Why don’t the US online gambling servers use Bitcoin?

    By 2019 everyone must have heard of Bitcoin. It had its peak in 2017 when stocks jumped from $900 to $20,000 and since has popularized cryptocurrencies into being taken seriously by governments and online servers. Now the question is, why don’t American online gambling servers use Bitcoin? Let’s take a look at it.  If you […]