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Have you seen the best Chinese Gambling Movie of All Time?


In this article, we’ll be analyzing carefully which movie will be called the all-time top Chinese gambling movie. Well, as the Chinese New Year of the Pig has just come today, we thought it be high-time that we present to you the cultures keen eye for creating a gambling story and putting it into the spotlight. We are, of course, talking about the all-time classic, God of Gamblers. Let’s take a look.

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Is ‘God of Gamblers’ the Best Chinese Gambling Movie of All-time?

That remains to be the big question. However, from our point of view, ‘Du Shen’, the Chinese version of God of Gamblers, certainly tops that list. Directed by Jing Wong, the movie was shot in the 80’s towards the latter stages and is an action-comedy sketch.

The film is about a master gambler called Do San (Yun-Fat Chow) who inherits the name of God of Gamblers down to his supernatural ability to have success at games.

He loses his memory in an accident and is taken care of by a hustler friend of his, Knife (Andy Lau) and Knife’s girlfriend Jane (Joey Wang) but is later found to retain his previous charisma in gambling.

This epic thriller gained so much popularity that it was followed by a number of independent sequels and spin-offs, besides its own sequel and prequel.

The film was made in 1989 but has countless sequels and additional stories to it in the following years. Those include:

  • 1990: God of Gamblers II
  • 1994: God of Gamblers Returns
  • 1991: God of Gamblers III
  • 1996: God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage

It just goes to show that the original God of Gamblers can rightly be called the best Chinese gambling movie of all-time. The movie started a chain-reaction and has received countless of praise and nominations from its performance.

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