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Have you seen the best Chinese Gambler Movie yet?


In this article, we will be reviewing what is the best Chinese gambler movie ever, with a detailed description of why it is so popular and why you should check it out for yourself. The movie is not even a recent one, with the original version coming out back at the end of 1980’s. We are talking of course about God of Gamblers. Let’s take a look.

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God of Gamblers the Chinese Gambler Movie you Must Watch

The Chinese gambler movie, which is also known as Du Shen, was directed by Jing Wong, and was shot in the end of the 1980’s which is an action-comedy sketch. It has been highly praised with four sequels coming out afterwards based on the success of the original movie.

Do San, who is played by Yun-Fat Chow, is a master gambler who has supernatural abilities when it comes to gambling and inherits the name, God of Gamblers, after using his skills.

He loses his memory in an accident and is taken care of a friend of his, Knife (Andy Lau) and Knife’s girlfriend Jane (Joey Wang) but is later found to retain his previous charisma in gambling.

God of Gamblers is certainly the best ever Chinese gambler movie of all time but there are a few more honorable mentions.

Those go to Casino Raiders, The Conman, and From Vegas to Macau. These movies are also Chinese films which are gambling-related and are worth the watch as well.

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That should give you a detailed description of what to watch and indicate you what to see next.

God of Gamblers is also on the list, so it doesn’t only top the Chinese gambler movie list, but it also makes it to the top 10 of all time. Feel free to check it out for yourself.

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