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Graton Casino and Resort Will Now Offer Smoke-Free Gambling Area


This article is about the latest news which has been brought to us concerning Graton Casino and Resort, an Indian casino run in California. As it happens, many large casinos in the state and elsewhere usually permit smoking. For non-smokers, this can create an unpleasant feel in the air. Well, to improve facilities, now Graton Casino will provide non-smokers a smoke-free gambling area. Let’s take a look.

Now, if you are in the US, finding a smoke-free gambling area may not be a piece of cake. That’s because it is commonly thought that the two go hand-in-hand. On the contrary, in Europe, there’s many casinos which forbid smoking inside. How about you? Does your local casino permit you to smoke, if you are a smoker?

Introducing the Smoke-Free Gambling Area

This all goes to Greg Sarris, chairman of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, who is a non-smoker. He took the duty on himself with the introduction of Graton Casino’s new smoke-free gambling area. Since the casino opened 5 years ago, patrons have made considerable complaints about inhaling second-hand smoke.

Before the transition of the new smoke-free area, the 9000-square-foot area used to serve as a ballroom. This would purposefully be used for events or concerts.

Happy Pratons = Happy Chairman

Speaking on the matter, were two locals, Joan Ehlers and her husband, Gene. They both agreed that the new establishment has worked out for the best.

“We appreciate the fact that they have made a dedicated area for non-smoking,

“we’re breathing fresh air instead of smoke.”

Graton’s chairman, Sarris, said that unlike other casinos which offer smoke-free gambling area’s, this one was pretty unique. The main reason being that many others have such facilities but players can still feel the scent of smoke. Graton Casino and Resort can boast that these designated areas are totally free from any such smells.

But how would you classify success? Well, Sarris made it pretty straightforward with his own example. He said that the new design will surely be a success as he keeps hearing one word, repeatedly.

Many punters have come up to him and he says the word he hears the most, is “finally”. 

With happy punters, Sarris will be just as pleased with Graton Casino and Resort’s new smoke-free gambling area.

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