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Gambling in Monaco: Best Casinos to Visit in Monte Carlo


Gambling in Monaco is quite a usual activity for locals and the tourists alike as Monaco is the gambling haven of the Mediterranean. Let’s look at the best Monte Carlo Casinos in order to feel the gist of the luxurious lifestyle of the people of Monaco.

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Monaco is known as the richest country in the world as the microstate is full of millionaires and billionaires. The coastal side of Monte Carlo shows off its wealth with the high number of luxurious yachts. Monte Carlo is also famous for the best Formula 1 street circuit in the world. Every year thousands of people flock into this tiny state, which is less than 2 sq. km., in order to witness the most exiting car rally event of the year.

Another important fact about Monaco is that it is a tax haven. In other words luxury has a reason to dwell in the state freely. Top online casinos in Monaco can also operate in the state thanks to this financial freedom provided by the state of Monaco. Speaking about freedom, Monaco gambling laws are known as way more liberal than many other European countries and this is the reason why gambling in Monaco attract more people, more than the actual population of the microstate.

Once you head to a casino in Monte Carlo, you will ask yourself why the citizens of Monaco cannot gamble in their own country. There is no logical ground to that rule as Monegasques are banned from gambling or working at casinos within the borders of the state. Therefore, you will see croupiers and gamblers from the different parts of the world except for the locals. The origins of the law date back to the 18th century when Princess Caroline decided to render gambling available only for foreigners due to moral reasons.

Las Vegas is the city of sin and gambling indeed. However, Monaco has a special aura which will take you in even during the day without the mesmerizing casino lights. If you wonder about gambling in Monaco, read to learn more about the casinos in Monte Carlo and other parts of Monaco.

Casino de Monte Carlo

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Let’s begin our journey towards the gambling world of Monaco with the most famous casino in the country. Casino de Monte Carlo is THE casino in Monte Carlo. Well, it is actually more than a casino; it is rather a complex which includes the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo and the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo.

This elegant casino building which is situated by the Mediterranean Sea is actually quite old. It opened its doors in 1863 as part of an important plan to attract visitors to Monaco. The casinos’ Bohemian glass chandeliers, rococo ceilings, and columned gold and marble atrium render the casino unique in style. This elegant beauty of the casino is featured in such James Bond movies as Casino Royale, Never Say Never Gain and Goldeneye which are among the best movies featuring famous casinos.

Casino de Monte Carlo is the definition of utmost luxury and elegance. If you are into gambling in Monaco, you can satisfy your soul with the European Roulette, Trente et Quarante, Blackjack, English Roulette and Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker tables. You can also go ahead and enjoy the luxury to the limit while playing new and traditional slot games.

Don’t forget that the legal gambling age in Monaco is 18. In order to enter Casino de Monte Carlo, you need to have formal attire and jackets and passports are required.

Sun Casino

gambling in monaco

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Sun Casino is another popular gambling destination in Monte Carlo. If you are willing to gamble in a relaxing environment, Sun Casino is for you. This casino will make you forget that you are gambling in Monaco as it is the most American-esque casino in the state. It is a mixture of Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos.

The Sun Casino gaming room is equipped with big TV screens so that you can watch major sporting events live. You don’t have to miss the most important game of your favorite team. You can enjoy the online casino games of Sun Casino and watch the game of your team simultaneously.

The gaming options offered in the casino are Blackjack, English Roulette, Craps and Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker. There are 300 slot machines if you fancy sipping a drink and running after the jackpot that your fate is hiding from you.

Sun Casino hosts live music performances every weekend. You can also feed your stomach along with your soul at the Circus Restaurant every day from 7 pm till late 2 am.

Sun Casino doesn’t have a strict dress code. The visitors can enter the casino with any dress they like. However, “appropriate dress” is expected of the casino’s guests. Passport is needed in order to enter the casino and gamble.

Casino Café de Paris

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Casino Café de Paris is another American-style casino which renders gambling in Monaco an unprecedented experience. This casino is a paradise for gamblers who love slot machines. The design of Casino Café de Paris is highlighted with color lights which transform the casino into a sci-fi movie setting.

Some of the slot machines bear the designs of sci-fi movies. For instance, it is possible to enjoy a slot machine with Star Wars theme 24/7 as the casino keeps its doors open at all times. Moreover, entrance is absolutely free.

There are more than 1,200 slot machines in the casino along with video poker and electronic roulette machines. It is the brick and mortar version of the best online casinos.

There is no specific dress code in Casino Café de Paris; however, “appropriate dressing” is recommended. Visitors have to show passport in order to enter the facilities of the casino.

Monte Carlo Bay Casino

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Monte Carlo Bay Casino is a part of the exquisite Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. This casino doesn’t only provide amazing gaming experience, but also offers a stunning view towards the Mediterranean Sea.

There are over 140 new generation slot machines in the casino. The slot machines work without tokens thanks to the new ticket in/ticket out technology. In other words, players don’t have to visit the cash desk every time they run out of tokens. This is a technology even many Las Vegas casinos envy.

There are four different restaurants within the casino facilities: Le Blue Bay, Las Brisas, L’Orange Verte and Il Baretto. Considering the fact that the casino is open from 2pm to 2am, these fancy restaurants become live-safer for many gamblers as starvation reduces the fun of gambling drastically.

The entrance to the casino is free. There is no specific dress code; however, as they always say “appropriate clothing” is expected. In other words, don’t go in your swimming suit as it is a luxurious venue.

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