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EveryMatrix Partners Up with Start-up Company BeBettor


After a disappointing last week, EveryMatrix has bounced back from their license suspension by teaming up with BeBettor, a start-up company in the gambling industry. EveryMatrix has said that this agreement will act as an effort to radically improve operational compliance as well as bring about a lifting after such a heavy suspension. Let’s take a look. 

By checking out the latest online gambling news, you’ll have the full story of the suspension to begin with. The UK Gambling Commission were responsible for warranting a punishment to EveryMatrix for the company’s failings in dealing with problem gamblers. 

BeBettor Brings New Light for EveryMatrix 

Despite having a suspension in B2C activies, EveryMatrix are still allowed to operate as a B2B company. 

BeBettor is a technology-based company that offers affordability API to help solve problem gambling. It checks player affordability based on information provided by players and their betting patterns across websites connected to its network. 

Ebbe Groes, the CEO of EveryMatrix, has since commented:

“We believe working with BeBettor will help not only players on EveryMatrix brands but that this can help drive an industry-wide push for better affordability checks for UK players.

“Problem players will often have many accounts and the only way to spot and take action will be for us all to work together for a safer gambling experience.”

After his comment, Harry Cott, the CEO of BeBettor also had some words:

“Given the average online gambler in the UK now has four accounts, isolated operator action will not sufficiently reduce gambling-related harm long term.

“That’s why we’re building a networked approach to understanding customers’ affordability, which will help BeBettor operators power the next generation of their social responsibility policies and procedures for customer interaction.”

It is understood that both BeBettor and EveryMatrix will be satisfied with this deal as it will lift spirits on both sides. We will be keeping a close eye on the next moves by both companies.

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