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Determining Factors in the Social Reasons of Gambling


People have many reasons for gambling. However, the social reasons of gambling have essential importance in this fun activity. Some say they gamble because of the excitement, others regard risk taking so appealing. Some feel financial problems could be solved by taking bets, or the possibility of escaping from stress can also be a reason.

But what is in the background of gambling in terms of the social factors?

We already mentioned the scientific reasons of gambling. Now it is time to discover the social reasons of gambling which are of equal importance as the scientific reasons of gambling.

There are co-morbid relationships between gambling and other problems, meaning that individuals who gamble, often have many other problems including drug, alcohol or mental health issues. Comorbidity is a term which describes the occurrence of two or more disorders in the same person simultaneously.

According to a study conducted in Ontario 2003, depression, distress, loneliness, distressing life events and lack of social support are among the most significant social reasons of gambling.

Going forward in this question, The Scottish Executive Social Research‘s results emphasized not only the subjective factors, like depression, but mentioned some other extrinsic elements.


First of all, research has found a connection between proximity to casinos and prevalence of gambling. 50 miles is the distance which could be influential in terms of gambling habits. The location of a casino within 50 miles from a person’s home can double the chance of gambling addiction.

Unprivileged Groups

Deprived social groups facing poverty, unemployment, low levels of education and slim income are most likely to be affected by gambling. Within these groups, single males under 35 years are more likely to be at risk related to gambling.

Family Attitude

There is a direct correlation between the age of gambling and the impact of gambling problem on the family of the gambler.

Social Status

There is a strong relationship between one’s socio-economic status, education, and the taste for gambling.  Despite the fact that individuals with lower budgets and with lower level of education are less likely to visit casinos, when they do they usually experience more problems.

Financial Reasons

One of the main social reasons of gambling is obviously indebtedness and financial hardships. The British study of casino patrons found interesting result regarding gambling and money problems. 87% of the severe problem gamblers and 65% of the problem players had to turn to others to solve a desperate financial situation caused by gambling.

Gambling is a complex social, mental and psychological activity from which people can benefit, however the possibility of damage in different dimensions is also likely.

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