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Dawn, a West Cumbrian Woman, Opens up on her Gambling Addiction


In this article, we will be looking at Dawn’s story, and how gambling addiction is very real and very dangerous. Obviously, any gambling man or woman knows that an addiction can easily come. But how to be sure of not falling into the trap? Well, we’ll hear the story from Dawn Ackerlay, who was battling to beat it for almost half of her life. Let’s take a look. 

At the age of 18, Dawn started playing slot machines in her local pub in Workington. Over the years, she found her enjoyment for these slot machines to increase and she would gamble until she had no money left. She lost control once she also began giving in to urges to bet on horses, virtual racing and scratch cards. When she realised she needed help, there was no Gambling Anonymous group around to hear her woes.

The Harm which Gambling Addiction can Cause in it’s own Words

Now 35, Dawn reveals the story of how she managed to overcome gambling addiction. She says that although there was no group to help her, she could always turn to family and friends who were understanding and supportive of her. Dawn claims that knowing there are others like her and people rooting for her helped her massively in cleansing herself of the addictive habit.

“I have good friends who say to me, “Don’t go putting money in that gambler’.”

“It spiralled. I tried to beat it for years. I got thrills from doing it. I think with the slot machines it was the flashing lights that set it off.

“I’ve got an addictive personality and I never stop until I lose my money.”

Although she has made massive strides in the right direction, Dawn still claims that there’s a slippery, steep slope between one-off bet’s and the addictive habit. Here’s more from the former gambling addict.

“I don’t think many people know you can do that.

“I weaned myself off the slot machines in one particular pub. I don’t bet on them hardly now – just scratchcards now and again.

“You can slip back into the addiction but I’m trying my best.”

Advice from One to Another

To finish off, we have included some advice from Dawn, the former gambling addict. She has shown massive bravery and overcoming the addiction without any group in the same situation, makes us at Gambling Herald admire her more.

Before moving over to her advice, we would like to recommend you check out the latest online gambling news for similar stories to this one. You’ll also be able to keep up to date with all the hottest sagas online now.

Dawn’s Advice:

  • Budget money. Only take to the betting shop what you are happy to lose and don’t be tempted to spend any more.
  • Be aware of the dangers of scratchcards. If you buy one, take it home and scratch it there. Then you will not be tempted to buy another one and another one until you win.
  • If you sense that you have a problem, seek help and support. Speak to family and friends and let them know you are struggling. Don’t suffer in silence.
  • If you are addicted to gambling, plan your routes around town to avoid passing betting shops. That way you can avoid the temptation to go in.
  • Self-exclude yourself from betting shops if you cannot avoid the temptation alone. Filling in a form and providing a passport photo in each chain will enable staff to intervene and ask you to leave the premises if you go in.



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