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When Can We Expect Casino Reopening in the US and EU – MGM Gives Us an Answer

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Most of the countries around the world have suspended the operating of land-based casinos next to the restaurants and sports events. But when will the order returns and when will the much-anticipated casino reopening happen? Fortunately, MGM Resorts International has a straight answer since they resume operating one of their institutions on the 25th of May.

If you take a look at the latest sportsbooks news, you can see that sports events slowly return to common sense, as the French Horse Racing Season, and the Bundesliga restarts. Anyhow, for the gambling industry and desperate gamblers, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Since the heart of the real gamblers is bonded to the landbased casino.

One of MGM’s properties will be the first of the casino reopening wave

Mississipi will be the lucky state who can host the first casino reopening in the US. MGM Resorts International’s institution, Gold Strike Casino, based in Tunica will continue its work on the 25th of May. Even more, at the beginning of June, another property of MGM will open, the Biloxi’s Beau Rivage Resort and Casino.

All properties like this have been closed down since March in the US. Anyhow, it seems the life will slowly return between the walls of the abandoned dream factories. By the way, not for everyone for a while. Since on the 25th, only the invited guests can attend at the casino reopening ceremony in the Gold Strike. But don’t worry! It seems like after the opening weekend the casino will open its gates in front of all the ventures. Of course, with a limited capacity. Also, they are prepared a seven-point safety plan which will prevent consumers and the staff from any danger. Thus, we can expect lot of new weird habits after the casino reopening in every institution.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada Led Signage

Oh Vegas, we miss you so much…

Still, these options are most important for US citizens, since many borders are since closed down and the tourism is simply just disappeared. Will Las Vegas return from this damage? Only time can decide. But until then, just hope the best and use your lucky charm for selfless purposes, or for sports betting since it will be available again all around the world just in a couple of weeks.

What can we expect casino reopening in Europe?

This area is a bit different. There are still many countries which didn’t suspend life in the casinos. Anyhow, according to the gossips, as guests can visit restaurants, museums, and other institutions like these, we can count on the casino reopening as well. Still, the date can be very-very different in each country. Follow the latest gambling news to be aware of which regions let the show go on. Anyhow,for the countries with strict regulations (for example the UK) the earliest date is the second half of July.

On the other hand, we must make sure that the spirit of health and safety will leads our decisions. Since those missed things have been suspended on a purpose. Follow the rules, be patient since maximums a couple of months and you can hear the sound of the spin of the slots and roulette wheels again.

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