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Betting on eSports with Crypto-Currencies can Push it All the Way


Although it is a long way to go for betting on esports to actually compete with mainstream sports in terms of revenue and popularity. Viewing numbers are rising though, with League of Legends Championships attracting 106.2m viewers in 2017. However, to actually compete with the top, it will need another push. Is crypto-currencies the solution? Let’s take a look.

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What is the Next Big Step for eSports?

Eman Pulis, the CEO of the Malta Blockchain Summit, believes that there is a gap between crypto-currencies and mainstream but that this gap can be closed with the accessability of crypto-currencies.

Pulis believes that the next generation of bettors will see the rise of online gambling from its origins in high street betting shops to where it is now. Once the momentum builds, it will be hard to operate without the payment option.

So what does the future hold for this partnership? Pulis believes both industry sectors have flourished separately, until recently.

Pulis stated the following:

“A changing user demographic means the more traditional player has been replaced with users that are more tech-savvy, more interested and knowledgeable about crypto-currencies.

“As that knowledge gap narrows, esports companies are more likely to shift their focus towards digital currencies. Their confidence in doing so is partly down to the fact blockchain offers an ecosystem for crypto-currency transactions that is safe, fast and transparent; mitigating a lot of the associated risks.”

Do you think Pulis is right and the momentum in eSports is truly gripping? Will the next generation to come have a clearer interest in eSports and will that bring the gambling-scene to the top level of its prestige? These questions remain unanswered but shall prove to be true given time. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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