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    Macau Casino Tables May Become a Problem for Melco Entertainment

    Image credit: Melco Entertainment Macau is currently in the process of reinvention as they aim to find new ways to battle current challenges in the economic climate. A number of casinos in the former Portuguese colony are looking at alternatives to casino gambling business, and are instead focusing on delivering more “family friendly” services. However, […]

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    Singaporean Gambling Laws

    The name “Singapore” is now associated primarily with lavish wealth, but not long ago it was synonymous with some something else: gambling. After spending decades stamping out illegal forms of the activity, the Southeast Asian city-state reintroduced it in legal, regulated form in 2010. In a short amount of time it has become of the […]

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    Romanian Gambling Laws

    Romania has one of the largest gambling industries in Europe, with casinos, card rooms, betting shops and slot machine parlors seemingly everywhere. On top of that, a high rate of internet connectivity and little regulation of online gambling mean that the average Romanian is also likely to make wagers online. Romanians have a deep-rooted attachment […]

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    Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) Appears to be Dead

    Industry insiders tell us that Restoration of America’s Wire Act can almost be forgotten. Michelle Minton is a fellow at Competitive Enterprise Institute, which serves as a non-profit public policy association dedicated towards enhancing areas of government, enterprise and freedom. In her post, titled “The Death of RAWA: A Performance for an Audience of One” […]

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    Fantasy Football Scandal Sees Firms Involved in Shady Deals

    Employees of FanDuel and DraftKings received important data allowing them to take advantage before any else could use the info – which effectively started the fantasy football scandal. When people say “insider trading” they are usually referring to illegal practices in the stock market, whereby one party can manipulate their gains by being in possession […]

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    PokerStars New Jersey is Finally a Reality

    Following some time now, the PokerStars New Jersey deal has finally come into fruition. PokerStars has been given approval by the gaming authorities to offer their services to the New Jersey market. Division of Gaming Enforcement of New Jersey stated that it gave authorization for Amaya Gaming, parent company of PokerStars and FullTilt, to enter […]