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US Presidential Election 2016 First Result Indicates Hillary Clinton Triumph


US Presidential Election 2016 first result showed Hillary Clinton’s dominance over Donald Trump. Although voting day continues in full speed, voters in Dixville Notch already voted at night and started the excitement.

US Presidential Election 2016 first result came from New Hampshire’s small town called Dixville Notch. It was extremely easy to count the votes in this pretty little town on the east coast, close to the Canadian border due to the fact that there are only 8 voters in the small community.

According to the US Presidential Election 2016 first result determined by the voters of Dixville Notch, Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton won four votes while her opponent Republican Party nominee Donald Trump managed to win two votes. Libertarian nominee Gary Jonson got one vote in his favor.

Midnight voters of Dixville Notch proved that they also have a good sense of humor. Former Massachusetts governor and Republican Party’s 2012 Presidential Election nominee Mitt Romney managed to win a vote from Dixville Notch although he is not running for the president this time.

Latest online casino news claimed that US Presidential Election 2016 first result indicated Republican victory in the governor’s race. The town with a tradition of casting ballots shortly after the midnight on Election Day favored Republican Chris Sununu with 6 votes over Democrat Colin Van Ostern who received 2 votes from the voters of Dixville Notch. In the New Hampshire Senate race, Republican Kelly Ayotte and Democrat Maggie Hassan received same amount of votes in Dixville Notch.

Dixville Notch voters are known as good predictors in terms of US Presidential Election predictions. Previously, they managed to vote for the winner of 2000 and 2004 Elections won by George W. Bush, and 2008 Election which marked the beginning of the Barack Obama era. In 2012 Election Mitt Romney and Barack Obama received same amount of votes from Dixville Notch voters.

Another New Hampshire town which voted early Millsfield heavily favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Grand Old Party nominee received 16 votes while the Democratic Party nominee got only four votes in this town. In the governor’s race, Sununu got 18 votes while Van Ostern could win only three votes in Millsfield.

US Presidential Election 2016 First Result Reflects the Betting Odds

US Presidential Election 2016 first result indicates the dominance of Hillary Clinton as predicted by the best US online gambling sites along with the top European online betting sites. Let’s take a look at the latest US Election 2016 betting odds in order to bet on this excitement online in the last minute!

According to popular US online betting site Intertops, Hillary Clinton’s odds to win the race are 1.18 (-555.56) while debated Republican Donald Trump’s odds to move to the White House are 4.75 (+375.00). Click to bet on US Presidential Election 2016 at Intertops!

Another US online sportsbooks Bovada also favors Clinton against Trump. Clinton’s odds to win the US Presidential Election 2016 are 1.18 (-550.00) while Trump’s odds are scaled at 4.75 (+375.00). Click to bet on US Presidential Election 2016 at Bovada!

If you reside in Europe and want to wager bet on the US Presidential Election 2016, you can head to popular online betting destination bet365 which offers 1.20 odds for Clinton’s victory. If you want to bet on Trump’s win then you will get the odds 5.00. Click to bet on US Presidential Election 2016 at bet365!

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