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US Fantasy is the new DraftKings Alternative in Nevada


Daily fantasy sports fans are preparing to welcome the new DrafKings alternative in Nevada, US Fantasy. Nevada gambling regulators approved the application of US Fantasy to operate within the borders of the state.

US Fantasy is expected to fill an important gap in Nevada since the biggest US daily fantasy sports sites do not offer paid bets for the citizens of the Silver State. DFS fans in the state have been in search of a DraftKings alternative in Nevada. According to US online gambling news, DFS fans in Nevada are about to reach their aim as US Fantasy has obtained approval to operate in the state.

How did US Fantasy get approval in a state where DraftKings and FanDuel cannot operate? The answer lies in the Nevada gambling laws, which are actually among the most liberal US gambling laws. There is a strict demarcation line between the Nevada lawmakers and the US daily fantasy sports operators. Nevada lawmakers believe that DFS definitely falls into the category of gambling while DFS executives claim the opposite. As a matter of fact, DFS operators can offer paid bets as long as they obtain the proper gambling license from the state of Nevada. However, the operators don’t find it worth acquiring since it requires a huge amount of money and time to get a gambling license. US Fantasy has found to go around these strict regulations without stumble upon the same obstacles that the other major DFS operators have faced.


US Fantasy has found a unique way which may actually pioneer other Nevada legal daily fantasy sports sites in the future.  The main difference between US Fantasy and the traditional daily fantasy sports sites is the interactive prize pot of the US Fantasy. The traditional daily fantasy sports operators offer a fixed amount for a certain bet while US Fantasy offers a prize pot which increases and decreases depending on the number of bettors and the amount they bet.

DFS fans can easily adapt themselves to this new system as the fundamental logic behind US Fantasy is quite similar to the traditional DFS operators’. In the tradition DFS, players pick a team made of real players. The latest performances of the real players determine the overall performance of the fantasy team.

In US Fantasy, players can actually bet on individual player performances. For instance, Nevada Daily Fantasy Football fans can bet that Tom Brady will throw the most yards that week. If he really achieves it, then the bettor gets extra points.

Daily fantasy sports sites ordered to shut down in Nevada are not limited with DraftKings and FanDuel. There are more US daily fantasy sports operators that cannot operate in the state simply because they are not willing to obtain gambling licenses. Nevertheless, if US Fantasy can manage to prove the worth of the Nevada DFS market, then the other big operators may want to go through the hardships to acquire proper gambling licenses to be able to operate in Nevada.

US Fantasy’s new system, which is based on an amalgam of traditional sports betting and daily fantasy sports, can be useful to jump over the legal obstacles. However, it is expected to take time for players to get used to this new system.

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