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Raging Bull Casino Perfect Pairs Blackjack Review


Raging Bull Casino Perfect Pairs Blackjack is one step ahead of its counterparts since it brings a new definition to blackjack with better gameplay and more lucrative prizes.

Raging Bull Perfect Pair Blackjack game is quite a developed one. It offers an enhanced gameplay and lifelike gaming experience. The only shortcoming of the game is the absence of the instant play option. In other words, you need to download the application. However, there is a reason behind it. The lifelike casino experience can be obtained better through proper software rather than your browser.

What is Perfect Pair Blackjack?

Perfect Pair Blackjack is an enhanced version of classic blackjack game. The main objective of Perfect Pair Blackjack is players’ ability to place a side bet. You can bet on the numerical value or the colors of the first two cards that you will get. For instance, you can bet on the possibility of getting two 10s or two reds or mixed. If you can guess the possibility, your payout will be way more than your original win. In other words, Perfect Pairs Blackjack is more complicated, but much more lucrative than the classic blackjack game.

Here are the Perfect Pairs Payouts:

Perfect Pairs  25:1

Colored Pairs  12:1

Mixed Pairs  6:1

Blackjack  3:2

Insurance  2:1

If you want to learn about the basics of blackjack and get to know about the basic blackjack strategies, you can read our Blackjack for Beginners guide. You can also play blackjack for free before you take up the challenge on Raging Bull Casino Perfect Pairs Blackjack game.

How to Play Classic Blackjack Online?

As we already mentioned, Perfect Pairs Blackjack game is a developed version of the classic blackjack game. In the classic blackjack game, a player gets 2 face-up cards while the dealer gets 1 face-up and 1 face-down cards. The objective of the game is reaching the number 21. You can stand or ask for another card depending on the value of your cards. The person who gets closest to 21 wins. If you go over 21, you lose. Perfect Pairs Blackjack takes up this challenge into a higher level adding more excitement to it increasing the number of betting possibilities in the game.

How to Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack at Raging Bull?

First of all, you need to open a free account at the popular online gambling destination Raging Bull Casino. Afterward, you need to download the online Blackjack software which is around 1.4 mb. Once you have the software, enter your login details and head to the blackjack section.

You can easily place your bet clicking on the desired chip size. Afterwards, you need to place a side bet on your first two cards (matching/un-matching colors and numbers). Click hit to start the game. If you want to get another card, click hit again. You can stand or split depending on the hand you received.

If you are a Blacjack fan, Ranging Bull Casino Perfect Pairs Blackjack game is a perfect destination for you to play blackjack online.

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