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Playtech and Mexico sign a Deal


In the past few days, Playtech BGT Sports and Mexico have signed a deal. Now, as for Playtech, the deal will mainly focus on their BGT Sports subsidiary, even though the company has a wide range of online gambling games. The reported signing of the deal will see Corporacion Caliente install a dozen new self-service betting terminals across Mexico. Let’s take a look at the story in greater detail. 

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Playtech and Mexico Inks Deal Together

Now, onto the hot stuff. For many of you, Corporacion Caliente may seem like total gibberish if you are unfamiliar with the company. In fact, it is a subordinate of Spanish gaming firm Codere, who had a deal similarly with NetEnt last year.

This deal, between Playtech and Mexico, would be the second and could potentially improve gamblers’ options when choosing self-servicing betting terminals for sports. Now, Latin America’s second most populous country will have double the choice in sportsbook terms.

A newspaper reported that Playtech, the world’s largest supplier, lent Corporacion Caliente it’s innovative casino systems back in 2014. Four years on, Playtech BGT Sports will be looking to make the first sportsbook agreement with Mexico.

What They said about it

Now, we will be understanding some words from the Business Development Director for Corporacion Caliente, Victor De La Fuente.

“This is an exciting moment for Corporacion Caliente as we further develop the experience we offer those who visit our casinos,”

“We are continually looking for ways to improve customer engagement and this represents the latest development as part of this strategy.”

As the new instalments of the terminals are set to begin, the two parties seemed all too happy about it. Now, Mexico will benefit from more sportsbook gambling options, and Playtech BGT Sports will have a new supply to a country with approximately 123 million people.

Here is a few more words, this time from Playtech BGT Sports’ Chief Executive Officer, Armin Sageder.

“The extension of our relationship into retail reflects the success we have achieved to date and the opportunities we both see lying ahead,”

“Mexico is a fast-growing and regulated market and a strategically important territory for Playtech.”

Playtech and Mexico have supposedly both struck gold. Sageder went on to say that the partnership with Corporacion Caliente has ‘gone from strength to strength’ and is still ‘significantly growing.’

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