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Osage Casino Tulsa set for an Expansion


Not only is Oklahoma home of some of the greatest sporting teams in the States, it is also the housing for Osage Casino Tulsa. So are you in need for a weekend off? The new plans for the casino will see it expand into a resort-style property, with capacity of over 240 people. Let’s take a look at how fabulous, the new facility will be. 

For you fans of the TV series “Friends”, Tulsa may ring a few bells when one of the co-stars, Chandler Bing was sent there for work. However, in this instance, we will be analysing how Osage Casino Tulsa will develop. The reported opening date will take place on August the 31st.

Osage Casino Tulsa, Reported by KTUL

The $150m expansion plans for the venue are going on as predicted. The proposed project should be complete and facilitated by the 31st of August. The following news was brought to us by KTUL, a local television broadcaster.

According to their information, the plans were being thought up in the past 10 years and have only now come into action. The facility will be able to accommodate 240 people. The guests may also enjoy a 120,000-gallon pool.

Bryon Bighorse, Chief Executive Offiver for the Osage Tribe Gaming Enterprise Board’s seven-casino Osage Casino brand, stated the following:

The pool and outdoor entertaining space will be another entire venue option for Tulsans as they look to plan parties and events,”

“This space will be an indulgent and high-end space that will add so much to our guests’ experience.”

The New Facilities

The expansion is said to encompass a 15-chair tanning ledge, pool-side bar and fire-pit along with a 15-person hot-tub. The property will grow to 247,000 square feet of space featuring 1,000 slots. The hotel, which is 74,000 square feet, will host a 4,000 square feet brewery featuring locally-brewed beers from Nine Band Brewing Company.

Here is more on the expansion plans, quoted from Bighorse:

“We wanted to bring in craft beer brewed on site to offer our clients something they can’t find at any other casino in this region,”

“This is a new concept for casinos and we’re so pleased to offer something different and fun.”

“Nine Band Brewing Company is a hip and young brewery that will bring craft beer to Oklahoma only found at Osage Casinos,”

“We’re so pleased to be the first and only distributor of Nine Band beer in Oklahoma.”

What do you think about the proposed expansion plans for Osage Casino Tulsa? Let us know below! Also, be sure to find similar stories to this one at the latest online gambling news.

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