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Is it, “The End of the Poker Face”?


Although that’s what we will be looking into, right now, it is not. Scientists are currently running tests and trying to experiment with a new technology that can read expressions. Not only that, it can anticipate many more details in understanding what a person may be feeling. The end of the poker face will emerge once this technology is developed more rapidly and can be more easily accessible. Let’s take a look at what all the hype is about. 

Now, in poker, the use of bluffing, or covering what emotions you are feeling, is what determines a good from bad player. Being able to hide behind a face of no emotion truly is the traditional yet effective way of playing. However, there is much more behind good players’ masks. In a stressful situation, they have to keep nerves and appear confident.

How Can We Perceive This as the End of the Poker Face?

At a recent TED conference, Dolby Chief Scientist, Poppy Crum, stated the following on the latest technology to be tested:

“It is the end of the poker face,”

“We broadcast our emotions. We will know more about each other than we ever have.”

The system detects human actions the normal eye cannot readily detect. For example, when a player has to keep his cool in a nervous situation, the system will let us know his body temperature is rising due to the levels of stress he is overcoming.

Another example, is how a poker players’ eye dilation levels could reveal the difficulty his or her mind has processing their surroundings and to preserve an appropriate reaction to it.

Will they Bring this to the Game?

Even if the technology did develop and become more widespread, there’s a high chance that casinos would ban the device immediately. This leaves the classic poker strategies as the fundamental ones. It begs the question, could live poker ever be replaced in such a way?

Having a poker face is truly an art and fooling opponents, or getting them to do as you plan, is all a brilliant charade. Of course us spectators would love to know the feelings behind each poker face bluff, but it is a gift. We should just appreciate the game for it is right now, and if this technology were to come out, we could analyse from an even more deep perspective.

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