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Hits n Folds: October 24-28


Hits – Online Gambling Promotions

Mr Green Casino’s Trick or Treat Saw Players Snap up €10,000 for Halloween!

Mr Green Casino Halloween

For a mere €10 deposit with the ‘green online casino’ customers enjoyed a marvellous chance to scoop a whopping €10,000 with the Happy Halloween promo – let’s agree this is at least ‘somewhat’ better than receiving some hard candy and some chocolate that has turned white from old age… (Check out Gambling Herald’s Mr Green Casino Review for more details about the online casino.) But the good news is that you can still win a share of €45,000 with the awesome Cleopatra Cash Giveaway until November 6, so hurry up and get the rewards you deserve in case you feel left out because your missus didn’t give you the ‘sweets’ you wanted for Halloween. Read more…     Play now!

Loads of Halloween Free Spins and Free Cash Were up for Grabs at Fruity Casa Casino!

Fruity Casa Casino Halloween Surprise

In case you missed it, we sympathize. Tons of Free Spins and Free Cash prizes could have been yours had you joined the online casino during the Halloween festivities. But not to worry, this is a reminder that you should check out online gambling promotions at Gambling Herald’s more often, so that you maximize your earnings on a regular basis. (Take a look at Fruity Casa Casino Review for more info about the online gambling site.) Join Fruity Casa Casino today and see what else they’re offering. Read more…     Play now!

Folds – Online Gambling Promotions

Yay! For the 3,946th week in a row, we didn’t have any bad promos last week! (Intentional exaggeration for the ones that don’t get this…)

Hits – Online Gambling News

Cynical Lottery Winner Turned Lottery Pro!

Cynical Lottery Winner

Everyone knows that one person in their life that is a constant cynic about things, and keeps telling you that your weekly intake of Snickers will get you fat, while at the same time you notice them stuff down five bars down their throat in a matter of seconds. And the worst part is they don’t ever get a belly!!! How can that be? That’s exactly (somewhat) what happened to a woman in North Carolina that wanted to convince her husband that the chances of winning the lottery are slim, when all of a sudden you see her pocketing a cool $1 million! Where do I find myself a wife like this? I guess the universe works in mysterious ways, or was it God who does that? Guess I too should be more cynical of things, expect for playing online lottery – that I should practice more of! Read more…

Folds – Online Gambling News

Tax Fraud Troubles for Illegal Indian Lottery Providers

Indian Online Lottery Tax Fraud

Up to a whopping $150 million has been reportedly evaded form the tax authorities in India by six online lottery providers. Just imagine, for that much money one can buy three Gulfstream jets, but then won’t have enough money to service them and pay for the insurance, pilots, stewardesses with the ‘gentle touch’ and other fun stuff that comes with when you buy a private jet. Shit! Lost track of what I was supposed to write about this news story… anyways, if you’re interested in the tax fraud case that was committed by these unscrupulous gambling companies, then click on the title or the ‘Read more’ buttom for more detailed info. And remember, always make sure to play online casinos and online lottos safely, responsibly and LEGALLY! Read more…

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