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Here’s All you Need to Know about Online Gambling in the UK


This article is designed to help all of you out there who are not all to familiar with online gambling in the UK. Now, that may be because your own country is very different. We’re going to look at some countries at first before we go straight into the do’s and don’t about the online gambling market in the UK. Let’s take a look. 

China and the US are very strict with their rules about online gambling. Usually, they only allow only a handful of online operators to function in different states. In South Korea, you can be thrown in jail if you gamble. More than 80% of Australians enjoy casino gambling. Well, as for the UK, it is legal to gamble online. 

How Online Gambling In the UK Became Cultural

The most popular sport in the UK is football. So, when you decide to watch a top-flight game in the Premier League, you’ll see so many different gambling sponsors. That’s because gambling company’s now have contracts with football clubs. If you want to find out more about this, check out the latest online gambling news

In the UK, it is only legal to gamble over the age of 18. This applies for casinos as well as online. During the World Cup, at every single half-time, television watchers would see many various gambling commercials. 

In 2005, the Gambling Commission was formed in the UK. Before this, gambling online was accepted already in the 90’s. After the Gambling Commission got almost full power in 2007, they had the right to inspect each and every different gambling operator. 

In 2013, the Gambling Commission got the right to regulate national lotteries. If a gambling operator wants to target the UK market, they’ll need to get a required licence from the Gambling Commission. Otherwise it is considered illegal to gamble. 

Sports betting in the UK has become so popular over the years, almost like a tradition. If you decide to visit England, be sure that almost everybody in a pub will have some type of bet on a weekend game. 

Gambling Post-Brexit

In the last one year, a few online gambling companies have come out threatening to leave the UK should Brexit hurt their businesses in any way. So far, none of the companies is yet to leave—meaning they still value the UK market.

Some people have argued Brexit may hurt job opportunities for people living in Gibraltar and the Isle of Man. The two UK territories act as headquarters to some of the world’s largest gambling sites and employ people from around the world.  In spite of the challenges, the online gambling industry in the UK is expected to continue growing.

To leave it like this, online gambling in the UK is not only legal, but widely accepted by all citizens. The biggest betting sites started in London. With good tax laws, a strong regulatory commission and a favourable market, online gambling in the UK is at it’s peak. 

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Simon is a University student majoring in the field of Communication. Since a young age, his two passions are writing and sports. Originally from England, the Premier League is an important part of his life.

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