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Gambling Commission CEO has his say on Malta Operators Compliance Standards


The latest reports coming out from the UK suggest that Gambling Commission CEO, Neil McArthur, says the level of compliance among UK-facing operators based in Malta is currently “not good enough.” Let’s take a look. 

According to the CEO, the Gambling Commission asked online operators to submit an action plan to raise compliance standards back in 2018. Well, the research shows that only 45 of 123 of the Malta-based online operators were actually compliant. 

Gambling Commission CEO has had Enough of Malta Operators

In the report, the Gambling Commission CEO expressed his dissatisfaction with 14 online operators subject of enforcement investigations. On top of that, seven operators have paid £18m in penalty packages and five have surrendered their licenses. 

The Gambling Commission CEO went on to say the following:

“The Commission is clear that although progress has been made in the regulation of the online market since 2014, far more needs to be done to raise standards.

“So let today be the start of a fresh commitment: a commitment to raise standards and to collaborate with us to make more progress more quickly.

“In return, the Commission commits that we stand ready to help in these efforts. But, rest assured, we also remain ready when needed to take enforcement action.”

One would truly wish to see the Gambling Commission get own to the bottom of this situation, but it appears as though for now, all the Commission can do is hope Malta-based operators will pick up the pace. 

There has been a lot of scrutiny in the gambling world about the UK Gambling Commission and the addiction troubles facing the UK. You can read up more about that at the latest online gambling news, where we have fresh betting-related content for you daily.

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