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European Pensioners Arrested due to Illegal Gambling in Thailand


Over 30 people were arrested due to illegal gambling in Thailand. British retirees were in the middle of playing their pleasant afternoon session of bridge party in their Thai hotel room, when got busted by the local police officers as part of an anti-gambling operation.

Image credit: The Irish Sun

They had to spent half a day in police custody in Pattaya, due to someone who ratted them out owing to raising concerns about a “suspicious gathering of foreign nationals”.

At least 50 police and military men stormed the suspected scene of crime with the aim of arresting illegal gamblers. However, instead of an illegal crime activity, they found the members of a bridge club of pensioner tourists. Despite no money was involved in the game, all of the players, 31 tourists – the oldest was 84 years old- were accompanied to the police station. They were released only after paying a bond of 5,000 Baht (£96).

The 84-year-old Dutch Women is taken to the Police Station.

Despite the fact that their activity of playing bridge seems quite innocent, it is still a crime in Thailand. According to Playing Cards Act of 1935, people cannot posses more than 120 playing cards.

Pattaya Bridge Club has sessions three afternoons per week despite the previous incidents of police raid. According to a British retiree, the same thing happened 3 months ago as well without any serious consequence. So this time when the police entered the room, they kept playing ignoring the officials until the moment when arrests began.

Since illegal gambling in Thailand is strictly regulated, the military prime minister ‘s plan is to eliminate the occurrence of any wrongdoing. After he took power, as part of an anti-corruption campaign –   Prayuth Chan-ocha – accelerated the suppression of illegal gambling.

Located 100 miles away from Bangkok, Pattaya, which is on the classic Southeast Asia backpacking route, is a beloved resort with a widely popular reputation for illegalities including sex industry.

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