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Check out these different Gambling Words and Phrases


Having problems understanding the technical side of wagering? Why not take a look at these different gambling words and phrases compiled for baffled players. Forget about your confusion in the game and learn all the names needed for your transformation into a pro-gambler.

-Did you know that that ‘Paint’ means Jack, Queen, King or Ace?

-When you deposit or cash-out ‘Sawbuck’ you are referring to 10 dollars

-Have you ever been ‘Silver Mining’? (checking for forgotten coins in slot machines)

-The term ‘Fish’ applies to a player who loses more than the others

With many various events approaching in the game of chance (take a look at the latest online gambling news) it’s best to have your wits about you with all the professional jargon.

Step One: Understanding Gambling Words and Phrases

To start off with, its best to understand all the lingo. Take a look at our Gambling Slang Dictionary specially made for beginners lacking the flair of the language. With all the vocabulary needed for every single game, this is the best way to start off.

Step Two: Knowing When/Where to Use your New Skills

So, you’ve got the hang of the slang, now it’s about putting your point across in the correct circumstance. It’s no use sitting at a Poker table, using all the intricate terms of BlackJack. Know when to use your newly acquired lingo and apply it to your benefit.

Step Three: Advantage of having Betting Terms Abilities

With the knowledge now from top to bottom of the different terminology, added with the correct way to use it, your newly developed skill can be one of your strong traits. The benefit of knowing all the betting terms under your belt may impose fear in those who are not as familiar, whilst presenting yourself as a confident player.

The final part of Step Three is to practice these crafts while mastering the art of knowing all your gambling words and phrases which can be found in our gambling dictionary. Be sure to make an appearance in your local Casino after understanding these three steps and your abilities in utilizing betting terms will surely pay-off.

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