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Billionaire Investor Claims Cryptocurrencies aren’t Real but Your Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus 2017 is


Founder of Oaktree Capital Management Howard Marks claimed that investing on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is risky as they are not real. But we claim that your bitcoin casino no deposit bonus 2017 is more than real.

Billionaire investor Howard Marks claimed that bull-run hike of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin wouldn’t be sustainable in the long term as they are not real currencies, according to the latest online gambling news. The leading digital currency bitcoin has become extremely popular among investors in the first half of 2017 as the value of the cryptocurrency has embarked on a constant hike reaching around $3,000. These bull-run has attracted thousands of investors from countries like China and South Korea.

It seems the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies and legal acceptance of bitcoin by many countries like Japan don’t seem to help Marks to have positive opinion about digital currencies, as reported by the latest bitcoin gambling news. According to Business Insider, Marks’s 22-page-long memo which contains his warnings regarding cryptocurrencies includes reports from such respected sources as New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Apparently the famous businessman contemplated quite a lot on blockchain technology and based his thesis regarding why digital currencies aren’t real on two statements: 1) Doubts about financial security – including the value of national currencies – have led people to look for an alternative form of exchange, 2) Millennials regard all things virtual.

Marks continued his warning asking a crucial question: “What will happen to Bitcoin’s price and liquidity in a crisis if people decide they’d rather hold dollars or gold?” As a matter of fact Marks is not alone in his stance against investing in bitcoin. For example, the famous investment bank Morgan Stanley has failed to label bitcoin as a real currency due to doubts about its future.

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Old school financiers still prefer relying on fiat currencies. This might stem from the fact that they don’t quite understand how the latest technology works. We live in a world where we work, learn, communicate and shop using our smartphones. Placing cryptocurrencies in a retro movie would definitely seem odd; however, the dynamics of the current era work in a futuristic way. Every technological development gives us a hint about what might come next in the future. Therefore, ignoring the impact of blockchain in the future of banking doesn’t really seem reasonable.

The number of countries jumping onto the bandwagon to legalize bitcoin transactions is increasing day by day. In other words, bitcoin is expected to be regulated and rendered safer gradually in the near future. If you have experienced online gambling you are already familiar with the revolutionary power of technology. Combining your online gambling experience with the comfort provided by bitcoin is what future demands from you.

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