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Betting Shops in Italy Can Reopen on the 19th of June – Newgioco Group Reopen Its Gates

Fountain in Rome – Image source: Flickr

After the long waiting, finally betting shops in Italy reopen during the big football seasons. Newgioco Group announced that they can open their gates in front of the venturers. Landbased betting shops were closed since the 3rd of March.

Newgioco Group is a gambling firm based in Rome. They exist since 2000. They are mostly famous for their landbased betting shops in Italy. The event cancellations and the close of public places both caused serious difficulties to them, as the regulations included all their activities. However, there is new hope on the horizon as the football seasons and the big sports events resumed. Even more, as the matches started, they also got the green light to open the gates.

Newgioco Group announced that they reopen their betting shops in Italy after the regulations have been lifted

Newgioco Group stated via Twitter that all their landbased betting shops in Italy will open with the bars and coffee shops on the 19th of June. Of course, they will follow strict health and safety measures to prevent any harm.

Still, we can hear that many bookies and casinos have to wait until August or ’til the end of June. For example, the landbased betting shops in Ireland will only open on the 29th of June. But that’s a way more complicated story.

If you would like to learn more about which countries reopen their casinos and landbased betting shops stay tuned with the latest gambling news. Even more, you can also find out which significant sports events tournaments resumed.

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