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Better Collective Acquire UK Site


In this report, we will be taking a look at the latest news to unfold about Better Collective, who have just acquired a new site, in a deal worth £2.2m in the UK. Let’s take a look. 

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Expansion of Better Collective in the UK

Having been formed in 2015, the betting site generated £400,000 last year with an EBITDA of £300,000. Better Collective have expectations for this revenue to double for 2019. 

Earlier this year, Better Collective established a UK office. 

Jesper Søgard, Better Collective CEO, commented the following:

“We are excited about the acquisition of, as it is a well-established site with many visitors in a market that is one of our key strategic markets.”

Ian Bowden, Founder and Editor in Chief of My Betting Sites, stated the following:

“I am thrilled is becoming part of the Better Collective Group.

“Better Collective’s goal of making gaming both transparent and entertaining aligns to our own values.”

Another interesting fact for Better Collective is that their revenue grew 64% year-on-year for Q2 2019 to €15.8m attributing the growth to solidifying its position in the US market. 

In July the affiliate acquired US betting sites and for $20m in cash. 

They have since continued their expansion in the online gambling market by acquiring this new site in mybettingsites. We will be keeping a close eye on the matter here at Gambling Herald and update you on any more acquisitions by Better Collective.

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