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Advanced Gambling in Bitcoin Casinos


Gambling in virtual bitcoin casinos are not unreal fantasies any more, and the casino industry is one of those businesses that benefits most from using digital currency. The advantages of playing in bitcoin casinos can easily outweigh the benefits of using simple online casinos. 

We are not saying the ‘simple’ online form of gambling has come to an end, however we prefer to show you the new trends and patterns in gambling.  If you are not sure why to choose bitcoin casinos, here are some short and reasonable points as an encouragement based on a report published on KnowTechie.

They Have the Best Odds

Simply put, you can get more money from there, since the payout percentage is much higher in bitcoin casinos than their standard online casino rivals, therefore playing with bitcoin could be really attractive and more profitable for players.

Moreover, bitcoin casinos are more gentle to your virtual wallet since they don’t have payment processing costs. When you gamble with bitcoin, payment cost is an unknown term, which means more money could be spent on your favorite games.

They Have Wide Variety of Games

It is beyond dispute that every casino – land based, online or bitcoin –  offers a great variety of possibilities, however if your beloved type of games are slot machines, you are in the right place. Bitcoin casinos offer plenty of slot games and there are sites where slot payouts are close to 100%. Again, you can win more money with the same effort. You can play whatever you want from the traditional casino games to online lotteries and sports based betting.

They Mostly Have Provably Fair Games

Due to the cryptographic technology, it possible to check that bitcoin casinos have no control over the possible outcome of the games. Therefore, we highly recommend you to choose a bitcoin casino which offers probably fair games. This means the site have a built-in tool by which you are assured about the fair outcome of the game. Neither the casino, nor other players can interfere with your game.

Additional Reasons to Choose Bitcoin Casinos


One of the greatest advantages of bitcoin casino gambling is the granted anonymity. Nobody cares about your personal details and the registration process, so all you need to do is set up a password and choose a username and you are ready to play. Quicker and more comfortable, isn’t it?


Since virtual currencies cannot be controlled by any banks or entities, bitcoin cannot be seized by governments or any form of authorities. Your currency is in safe hands, which is among the most important aspects for players. In terms of real casinos, when a business shuts down, your money could be seized until the examination ends.

If you are thinking about getting a bitcoin wallet and you’re also keen on visiting the most popular bitcoin casinos with 100% positive reputation, try Rollin, Jubise, BTC and many others in our bitcoin casino reviews. You won’t be disappointed, we promise.

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