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TV Betting – Reality Shows in the Gambling Industry


The world is always loved silly bets. That’s why TV Betting on Reality shows or on the popular Netflix or HBO series appeared on the betting market. Even if it generates a smaller income to the operators, online firms believe that it has a considerable future. These unexpected wagering options attract new registrations. Meanwhile, real venturers can also find joy in these special bets. Since they can trust their guts instead of the boring statistics and AIs who can outsmart even the smartest gamblers. So, welcome to the world of chaos and randomness, the world of unexpected (an also mindless) twists! Welcome to the world of TV Betting!

Nowadays newer and newer forms of betting appear on the market. Since a lot of people stuck home and a lot of events have been called off, some less popular wagering options get the attention. Today we will talk about TV betting and mostly the reality shows, which are the perfect incarnations of pure entropy.

If you ever watched Love Island, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Strictly Come Dancing, or any other shows where the attendants compete for the votes of the viewers you know what we are talking about. Anyhow, if you not you shouldn’t shock yourself. It’s like a broadcast zoo without cages, with the dumbest animals. Okay… I have gone a bit too far. But still, these shows will entertain and horrify you at the same time. Of course, only if you have at least the brain capacity of an oyster. If not, probably these celebs are your idols.

One way or another, betting on Reality Shows is a thing in our times. As you can see more and more of it at the online platforms and as they appear in the latest gambling news each week. Let’s take a closer look together!

How TV Betting works

While in the world of sports betting everything is ruled by the statistics and probabilities, this market is a bit different. In the world of TV betting, you can forget the mathematics. It will just hold you back. If you play these bets, you do not make your decision by the odds or the stats. Instead, you have to predict the behavior of the viewers. Since the votes of the audience will decide the outcome. Thus, these are great opportunities to bettors, to go for the higher odds without the feeling of hopelessness. Also, it’s a great option for operators as well since this way they can variant their odds more than in the sports betting industry.

If we are talking about series, the system is a bit different. Anyhow, if you can bet on casts and on the return of your favorite character in the next season, you can bet on things which are known by a very few people (or it’s not even decided yet). Thus, this form of wagering is the best way to obtain huge prizes for the gamblers who trust their guts.

How it could steal the hearts of the UK housewives and old-fashioned bettors at the same time?

Let’s conjecture that everyone is watching TV, which is obviously not true in the age of the Internet. Anyhow, anything that is related to these programs strictly belongs to the mainstream category. Thus, even if you are a professional bettor or just a bored homemaker you will have a common topic this way. Everyone wants to belong to the mainstream.

On the other hand, this form of gambling is simple and even the ones who are not related to betting can understand what’s going on. And we all know that this type of venture will melt any kind of hearths at the end of the day.

While professionals also love these bets since they can follow their instincts just like in the good old times. Nowadays as computers surmount the whole gambling industry, sometimes it feels difficult to be human. Even if you trust your gut, the nerd with the smartass algorithm will have a higher balance anyways.

TV betting became so popular because it returned the human element in the world of online gambling.

TV Series or Reality Shows generate bigger revenue?

TV Betting

Big Brother was the very first of its kind – Image source: LitoPaulino / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

First of all, we must admit that the revenue which is generated by betting on series or reality shows isn’t comparable to the amounts generated by the sports betting. But in the long-term, these bets can be extremely rewarding for the operators. These wagers are attracting a lot of new costumers. This way an online sportsbook can count on a broader audience.

While Reality shows generate a bigger revenue, the difference compared to betting on series is insignificant. Still, as we mentioned above, both types of wagers are the same remunerative in the long-term.

Anyhow it’s hard to compare the wagering options on series and reality shows since the bookmakers making bets on the shows on a weekly basis, while a special bet on a new season of any TV program is usually available for months and includes super-high odds as well.

TV Betting will slowly conquer the whole world after the UK and US

If you check out the online sportsbook sites in the UK and US you can see that there are more and more TV betting options day by day. The biggest reality shows like Love Island, Strictly Come Dancing or the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, always included betting options somehow in the region it’s made. (In the very beginnings only on the black-market but nevermind). However, the worldwide recognized shows like the Oscars are available at every online betting site. This market is growing. Even if betting on the latest series or on the newest form of Big Brother is not your first thought if you see those shows on the TV, it has its own well-working psychology.

If you vote on your favorite participant of a given show, that will cost you one pound, or if you vote repeatedly it will cost even more. If you bet on your favorite, the venture will give some extra juice to the show while you can win back an even bigger amount. That’s what we call the next level of entertainment.

In summary, even if TV Betting means higher risk-taking to the operators it remunerative in the long-term anyway. While for the bettors this novel form of wagering can be super-fun. Will the rise of these special wagers mean a new era for sportsbooks? Only time can decide.

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