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    North Carolina Governor Welcomes Sports Betting in State

    The latest report coming from the United States of America has reported that the North Carolina Governor has given the thumbs up for the state to regulate sports betting, becoming the seventh state to do so this year. Governor Roy Cooper signed Bill S 154 into law just this week. Let’s take a look.  The […]

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    New Orleans senator, Peterson, admits gambling addiction

    Karen Peterson, Senator from New Orleans has opened up after revealing her gambling addiction last month. She goes on to say she will support a notion for legalization of Sports betting, if a portion of the in-land revenue can go to the state’s compulsive gambling fund. If you follow the latest online gambling news, you can […]

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    Perform Group have been selected as MLB Data Distributor

    The Major League Baseball Official Data Distributor of the league has finally been selected and Perform Group have been handed that responsibility. The announcement comes following a paid partnership between the league and the suppliers. They are well-known for their work in Europe. Let’s take a look. If you’ve been following the latest online gambling […]

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    A new Sports Betting show is set to come to ESPN

    The gambling industry in the US is going for another huge step forwards, with ESPN set to create a new sports betting show. The Daily Wager is set to launch and will cover gambling news and information. ESPN has already stated that it will launch on the 11th of March and will be aired Monday […]

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    One Step Further for Casinos in Virginia

    In this article, we’ll be heading back over to the United States where it seems as though the concept of casinos in Virginia could become a reality. Finally, the state reached the final line they need to offer legalized casino gambling. The General Assembly approved a gambling bill on Saturday that would allow casino construction […]

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    Do you know anything about the First Native American Casino?

    For quite some time now, Native American casinos were accessible to the everyday person and were spread out across 28 states. Typically, Native American casinos are on reservations where the people live. It seems quite simple really. It’s their land, that’s why they can do as they wish on it. Native Americans have slightly different […]