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    Hits n Folds: September 12 – September 16

    Hits – Online Gambling News Online Gambling Revenues Set to Hit $1 Trillion by 2021 (Image credit: Wareable) Projections indicate that ten years from now, SORRY, I meant five years from now (need to get my math in order) we will see online gambling revenues reach an astonishing $1 trillion in revenues. In addition to […]

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    Hits n Folds: September 5 – September 9

    Play now! Hits – Online Gambling News Macau Unveils Yet Another Casino: The Parisien (Image credit: Macau Casinos) We here at Gambling Herald are firm believers in ‘The more, the merrier!’ And so it seems that Macau is following the same principle, as they have just added another 150 gambling tables to their stable with […]

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    Hits n Folds: August 22 – August 26

    Hits – Online Gambling News Donald Trump Nearly Went out of Business After one Japanese High Roller Visited to His Casino (Image credit: GNN Liberia) Not only would I love to see this guy run out of business (although, realistically, he never will), I would actually pay money to see him drop out of the […]

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    Hits n Folds: August 15 – August 19

    Hits – Online Gambling News We Commemorated World Photo Day 2016 with Some Stunning Gambling Pics! Every year on August 19, gamblers and other individuals alike, celebrate the popular World Photo Day. We, at Gambling Herald, took it upon ourselves to present a list of the most awesome gambling pics in the world on this […]

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    Floating Casinos in Goa Refuse Relocation Offer

    Floating Casinos in Goa have indicated their opposition to the proposition regarding their relocation. Increasing concerns over the ascending power of the casino magnates in Goa are seem to be the main reasons behind the relocation plans of the floating casinos in Goa. Image Credit: Casino Carnival India’s tourist haven Goa is an important gambling […]

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    Hits n Folds: July 18 – July 22

    Hits – Online Gambling News No More Online Gambling in Poland (Certain Sites at Least) Yakshemash! Oh sorry, that’s Kazakh. Czesc (hello) my friends! I’m sorry to inform you but if you’re a resident in Poland you won’t be able to play certain online casinos any longer, after government officials decided to pass a bill […]

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    Hits n Folds: July 4 – July 8

    Hits – Online Gambling News Tony G Remains Hopeful of Winning the €1 Million Bet with Nigle Farage on Brexit The results of the referendum showed that Britain has decided to leave the EU, however when you’re a professional gambler it seems that you have an unyielding conviction that you can overturn that ruling to […]

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    Hits n Folds: June 6 – June 10

    Hits – Online Gambling News Another Illegal Gambling Den in China Exposed We seems to be hearing about gambling dens in China more frequently in recent times, and it seems that whenever one hotspot is shut down by the authorities, another one springs up within a few weeks. But considering the vast population (over 1.3 billion), […]

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    Hits n Folds: May 23 – May 27

    Hits – Online Gambling News Illegal Gambling Network in New York Busted by Authorities Seems like there’s been a case where some “Don Vito wannabes” tried to establish their own illegal gambling joint. But they forgot to “grease” all the relevant “pezzonovantes” in the government which has led to their capture by NY police. But […]

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    Hits n Folds: May 9 – May 13

    Hits – Online Gambling News Turkish National Lottery (Milli Piyango) Looking to Become Privatized in the near Future The bigger the better! (“That’s what she said…”) But for the sake of Turkish lottery players, we’re keeping our fingers crossed the privatization doesn’t lead to a hike in prices, or a reduction in the prize pot […]