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    Nevada Gambling to a Tee: Best Casinos in Las Vegas

    Gambling in the United States has picked up over the past several decades. Now, at the dawn of the 20’s, Nevada still holds the throne when it comes to gambling in land-based casinos. In today’s day and age, the internet is full of plenty of information and reviews about various gambling-houses. But, to ensure that visitors get the best experience in the “Gambling Capital of the World”, we’ve prepared this full-on research about the best casinos in Las Vegas. Read on and be amazed with what you will discover.

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    The Month of July saw a 3% increase for Nevada casinos

    July was another successful month for Nevada, as casino revenue rose 3% for the month. Their total casino revenue rose $1.02bn as reported by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Let’s take a look.  Funnily enough, if you check out the latest online gambling news, you can find that it was only a couple of months […]

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    NJ Sports Betting Outshines Nevada for May

    It appears as though May was a successful month for NJ sports betting, but Nevada took a hit as they fell 6% year-on-year for May. The figure for total gaming revenue went down to $981.8m while both sports betting and revenue were supposed in New Jersey for the first time. Let’s take a look at […]

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    GVC given Green-light to operate in Nevada

    The latest reports have identified that GVC Holdings are finally approved to operate in Nevada following a hearing with the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC). This comes after the company were waiting to operate there for ages as Nevada is seen as the Godfather of the gambling industry in the States. Let’s take a look. According […]

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    Is it too early for eSports in Nevada?

    In this article, we’ll be looking at Nevada who are still contemplating the idea of introducing eSports. According to Nevada’s lead regulator, skill-based slot machines and wagering on eSports may still not be the most appropriate for the State. There has to be more public interest for the reported request to actually be accepted. So, […]

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    Nevada See’s Vast Super Bowl Bets but still Less than Last Year

    Within the state of Nevada, there’s 200 sportsbooks for gambling fans to choose from. This year, the Nevada Gaming Control Board released figures for Super Bowl bets which came to a massive total of $145.9m. As wicked as that may sound, it still is less than last year’s $158.6m. This sees a dip in results […]

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    Online Bitcoin Poker Operator Fined and Placed on Probation

    Former online Bitcoin poker site “Seals with Clubs” operator and professional Las Vegas gambler, 37 year old Bryan Micon has been fined and placed on probation by a Nevada judge this Tuesday. Clark County District Court Judge Kerry Earley gave Micon this sentence after he was proven guilty to a criminal charge of illegal gambling. The […]