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New Orleans and Gambling Make Up ‘The New Sin City’


A study shows how New Orleans are on course to becoming the number one sinful city in the world. The city in the US has some of the leading characteristics of being up to no good. Although the devilish city is known for trouble, could a combination of New Orleans and gambling be all that bad? We take a look. 

For many religious or clean-living people, New Orleans would not be a bucket-list place to visit. The city has become more known around the States for its tolerance and manner of crime, lust, greed, shamelessness and other bad traits.

On top of that, New Orleans and gambling have become partners in crime. Besides having three-times the national rate of adult entertainment businesses, the city also claims twice the number of casinos per household. For more information about online casinos and the most recent stories, check out the latest online gambling news.

How New Orleans and Gambling Mix: A stereotypical story

At Gambling Herald, we would like you to embark on a fictional story which perhaps will describe an eventful evening in the sinful city. We start off in a bar, in which, locals and visitors are drinking alike, with no regard about losing their senses. In the city of New Orleans, drinking until the cows come home is the norm.

After xyz drinks later, we will be taken into one of the casinos which the city is made up of. Inside the casino, luck is on our side. We make a fortune, whilst still enjoying drinks at our table. The time is right and we decide to leave.

Once exiting the casino in the city in Louisiana, the night has come. It is at this time when the sins begin to show. On the corner of practically every street, there are strip joints, not to mention quite a few hookers. The sinful city has come alive. Be sure to keep at least some of the winnings from the casino and not to lose it all on exotic dancers.

Unfortunately for us, the city at night has a problem with crime. If we are lucky enough, we will avoid any type of random shootout and make it safely back into the hotel.

Sinful City of Louisiana and the World

New Orleans hosts the carnivore of Mardi Gras, a festival of nudity and extremity. The event is connected with a lot of sexual activities as well. On the other hand though, New Orleans and gambling share a great range of variety. Sin City features riverboat casinos, open air casinos, underground casinos and poker-dens. Could any man or woman reject such a diverse way of gambling?

All in all, if you are looking for an REM weekend (losing your religion) be sure that New Orleans would take the peach. The city has outweighed Las Vegas this time which says a lot. Keep in mind that means you could make a better story than ‘The Hangover‘ which was shot in Vegas.

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