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Seven Tips on How to Start a Gambling Affiliate


Many people want to join the gambling industry. There are a lot of opportunities, on both sides of the casino tables. This time we will focus on an option that doesn’t require significant capital expenditure. Also, it’s easy to get partners. On the other hand, we must admit, to be successful in these kinds of businesses, you will need plenty of time and work. Join us to learn seven essential tips on how to start a gambling affiliate.

In the latest gambling news, we try to cover everything from the industry. And nowadays, the most important aspect of advertising in the business is affiliate marketing. There are countless ways how to start a gambling affiliate. You can do a blog, a YouTube Channel, and even more, you can be an affiliate on social media as well. Thus we will provide you with seven tips that are essential for every method. One way or another, there is a long way to a successful business and these seven tips will help you guide you through the unbeaten path to be a gambling affiliate.

Introduction: How to Start a Gambling Affiliate

Before you lose yourself in our article on how to start a gambling affiliate, you must know this business needs more than a regular business strategy and technical knowledge. You must offer something different for the users than anyone gave before. You must be unique and must have content that sells itself, something you believe in. Otherwise, you will be just another try-hard blogger out of countless similar entrepreneurs.

How to Start a Gambling Affiliate

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1. Choose Your Business Model and Your Platform

First and most important in every business and every industry. Find out a strategy and a model before heading anything. There are many ways and platforms where you can start. Of course, your business plans must fit the platform. In short, without a plan, you won’t be able to produce revenue. Also, you must follow something unless you will be lost. And in an industry with this big competition, if you are not definite, the concurrence will surmount you sooner or later.

2. Collect the Necessary Legal Knowledge

How to start a gambling affiliate? Build up your idea then don’t break the laws… Yes, you will join a world market, and gambling is strictly regulated in many countries. Sometimes it’s simply restricted in any form. So. let’s say you advertise an online casino, and you don’t set up a feature that prevents people to visit or watch from restricted countries you can easily find yourself in front of serious consequences. The 18+ circle or something is also essential. One way or another, you will need proper legal research before doing anything. Just to give more exact advice. Try to avoid social media first. Only use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to advertise your affiliate product. Since social media is strictly monitored by the admins, the concurrence, and international law enforcement.

On the other hand, as an affiliate, you must create invoices to take out your money from the operators. Thus, you will need to be an entrepreneur in some form. To do this, the laws are very different in each country.

3.  Find Your “Niche”

This is probably the most important part to be truly successful. Finding your niche means, you find the thing that makes you special. What makes you different from the other countless companies? Having a niche is essential if you want to learn how to start a gambling affiliate. Without it, you won’t be able to truly earn money via your online product. Now you maybe ask, what niches can be implemented in the gambling industry? It can be a feature, like a special search engine that provides you with specific bonuses and promotions according to your interests. Or, if you are focusing on horse racing, it’s better if you focus on something more specific. For example,  It can be related to a region (horse racing in Kazahstan), or it can be focusing on a specific topic (Ante-post horse races), or if you want to go for sure (Ante-post horse races in Kazahstan). Even if it seems that it will reduce the number of your potential viewers, nowadays, this is the only way to have any.

How to Start a Gambling Affiliate

What’s gonna make you unique?

4. Before Starting, Take a Closer Look at the Predicted Expenses

This advice is more like a warning. Even if starting a gambling affiliate doesn’t require significant capital expenditure it costs a lot to set up everything properly. Also to have a good headstart you must also sacrifice some financial resources for advertising your product (even if it’s a form of advertising itself). Before you buy your domain and plugins, or the cool webcam to make videos, make sure that you discovered any further hidden expenses. Also, to be an entrepreneur costs something as well, think it through, at the end of the day, will you earn money or just spend it?

5. Make Quantitive and Qualitative Surveys

Over the legal research, you must also have oversight on the concurrence and on the gambling site you want to promote. Just to use our previous example, if there are 5 sites that are focusing on Ante-post horse racing in Kazakhstan, you don’t want to do a sixth one. If there is only one but it’s not ranking there is probably a reason behind it. It’s not enough if you check the first page on Google and Youtube, you must dive as deep as possible. This is a quantitative survey. The qualitative survey will be even more difficult. You will have to find out some way that the product that you will represent (even if you want to work with SEO or influencer marketing or whatever) is good enough or not. There are many tools for that. Also, don’t trust anything you read on the internet. The cake is a lie! Maybe this article as well… Welcome to the world of affiliates! Knowledge is power, you just have to learn to use it.

6. Have a Finished Product Before Heading the Business

To apply as a gambling affiliate or any affiliate, you must join the operators’ affiliate program. To do that you don’t even have to be an entrepreneur (however, it’s highly advised, since this is the only way to get out your money, and in many cases, if you don’t have the necessary legal background you can find yourself in an awkward situation). But you will need a finished product that is already launched. If you are familiar with how to start a gambling affiliate and you have a site or channel already as a reference, it’s not necessary. Still, as new entrants to the market, first, you must bring something to the table before any gambling affiliate program would open its virtual gates for you.

How to Start a Gambling Affiliate

Put all the pieces together!

Be precise and maximalist. Once you are in the program, you can go for money making but first, you must represent high quality to the operators.

7. Find Your First Partners

If you have a product ready, the only thing left is to find partners. My advice is to only contract with trustworthy sites. This way not just your viewers will be safe but you can be sure that at the end of the month you get paid after your invoice. Also, if you are new in the world of gambling affiliates, you should start with sites that are easy to join. Take a look at our Playluck Casino review, Casino Epica review, or our Fruity Casa Casino review to learn more about two potential first partners. And last but not least, a well-known huge site is also a great option if you don’t know how to start a gambling affiliate partnership, the 1xBET Casino.

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