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How Many Famous Female Gamblers can You Name?


Traditionally, risk taking games where the stakes are high requires an audience of alpha-males, prepared to lose the lot. However, this ancient ideology is out-dated, as women participate in the betting world too. Before reading on, can you think of at least two famous female gamblers? 

If you can, then your knowledge of the wagering realm digs deeper then that of the average Joe. Nevertheless, if none springs to mind, let us at Gambling Herald enlighten you on the topic of famous female gamblers.

Who are the Most Famous Female Gamblers?

Whilst Paris Hilton has been a hot celebrity in the lime-light over the past several years, did any of you expect to find out her casino habits? To find out more about her story, and of the other top 5 famous gamblers who are women, visit the link attached.

Another gambling culprit is Gladys Knight, who is famous for her musical influence throughout the 70’s and 80’s. For years, she had taken to the blackjack table but what was all fun and games soon became an irreplaceable addiction. She has since stopped wagering and this sends a message to all our readers, gamble responsibly.

Did you know Gladys Knight was on our list of Famous Female Gamblers?

Generally, the gambling world seems no place fit for a woman. It may come as surprise when discovering that in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and other major casino districts, women occupy the table’s just as much as men do. If you are keen on the most recent stories, take a look at the latest online gambling news.

In the online system, men just about edge in front of their opposite, but females have also increased their numbers. Will these numbers last? Will there be a turnaround in the gambling world? Famous female gamblers around the globe are spreading and fast, could they become more famous than their male compatriot?

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