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    Get This NetEnt Bonus on NetBet

    If you enjoy playing online slots than here’s an article specially for you. At NetBet Casino, you’ll be able to receive a NetEnt bonus on all slots. Sounds pretty great, right? We’re here to guide you along the way and make sure you’re able to claim the NetEnt bonus. Let’s check it out now.  If […]

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    Let’s put it in the Spotlight, the Casumo Reel Race

    For many of you Casumo users, you must be all too familiar with the promoted Reel Races. That’s because Casumo always delivers in quantity as well as quality. The online gambling site pushes these Reel Races weekly in order to give players better chances of winning big. So, let us refresh your memory as to […]

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    Here’s Some Reasons Why People Want Jobs in Gambling

    As a whole, the gambling industry is a huge market which is constantly growing and expanding. For instance, the online market has rocketed over the past 2 decades. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at why many people in this day and age want jobs in gambling. We’ll be looking at 5 main […]

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    Play Dragon Maiden, Game of the Week, at Eurolotto

    We all love having bonuses to help boost our chances of winning. Sometimes they come with coupon codes, sometimes with promotions but in this case, it’s all about your timing. Playing Dragon Maiden at Eurolotto Casino this week will have an additional bonus. Let’s take a look at what that is. If you’ve been checking […]

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    Always Bet on Lucky Red

    One of the most common ways of doubling up your money in a casino is at the roulette table. The question comes before you, bet on black or red? In this article, we’ll be analysing one of the best online gambling sites in the industry, that is Lucky Red. The online casino probably gets its […]

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    Win a PS4 in the Finnish Guts Raffle

    Here’s a good one for all you Finns who like placing bets. There’s a new Finnish Guts raffle with an awesome prize. Fifa 19 and a PlayStation 4! So what do you have to do to take part in such an event? Follow the simple instructions below to find out.  Before we check out all […]

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    Daniel Sturridge Fined by FA for Gambling on Football

    What does it mean to be a football player? Athleticism at the highest standard in order to perform. Footballers are entertainers, and because of their huge market, get substantial sums of cash. However, they also have some responsibilities. Daniel Sturridge has been charged after putting these responsibilities aside when he gambled on football. Let’s take […]

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    Check out this week’s Promoted Reel Race

    In this article, we’ll be looking at Casumo’s Promoted Reel Race for the week. It’s quite simple, the online gambling site gives specific games at specific times in the evening with more cash to be won. On top of that, there’s a leaderboard so with every spin and every win, you climb it. If you finish […]

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    Check out these 8 new games for the week!

    Much to the delight of two online casinos, another 8 new games will be added to their collection. In this article, we’ll be looking at what is set to be released this week. With more and more games being added to both Cherry Casino and Eurolotto Casino’s collection, we’ll be checking out what’s new. Let’s […]

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    Wynn Resorts Shares Fall Sharply Since CEO Resigned

    Who remembers that hot topic about the Wynn Resorts. Steve Wynn, the CEO of the casino sold his shares after allegations of sexual harassment of employees. Is that the truth though? We don’t know yet, however, his decision was at impeccable timing. Let’s take a look.  The latest online gambling news reported on a story […]