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    Revenue Growth Seen in Kambi Q3 Report

    The report for Kambi Q3 showed the gambling supplier had a 12% increase, year-on-year, which took their total to €23m. In comparison, revenue for the year-to-date also saw an increase of 20%, to €65.6m. Let’s take a look.  If you take a look at the latest online gambling news, you’ll be able to find all […]

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    Jack Entertainment Sign Deal with Kambi to Expand Operations

    The latest reports from the US have indicated to us that Kambi will use their newly-signed deal with Jack Entertainment to expand the operator’s facilities in Ohio. This will lead the casino to have an integrated sportsbook. The multi-channel partnership should be a win-win for both, if it gets the necessary approval from the state. […]

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    Kindred Sportsbook Underway in New Jersey

    The latest reports coming from New Jersey have stated that a new Kindred sportsbook is set to launch within the state. The group have launched a Kambi-powered Unibet sportsbook which is set to kick-start this September. What’s more, it will be Kindred’s first online sportsbook in the US running through Hard Rock Hotel & Casino […]

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    DraftKings Deal with Kambi Gets Extended

    In this report, we will be taking a look at Kambi, who have recently announced the plans they have to extend their partnership with DraftKings. The multi-year extensions mean that the supplier’s sportsbook contract with DraftKings will be extending into eight additional states. This is brilliant news for both parties. Let’s take a look.  Originally, […]

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    William Hill plans to take Kambi Sportsbook to Swedish Market

    William Hill have decided to take the Kambi Sportsbook to the Swedish gambling market in a coupe to give the best to punters. The Swedish gambling body was re-regulated at the turn of the New Year and has been bombarded with gambling operators. Let’s take a look. If you check out the latest online gambling […]

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    Kambi CEO gives Verdict on Sports Betting in New York

    In this article, we’ll be looking at the Kambi CEO, Kristian Nylén, who gave a very detailed interview about his future predictions of the US gambling market. This also comes after the Q1 results for Kambi, seeing a 28% increase in revenue for the company. Let’s take a look at the story as a whole. […]

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    Kambi Expands Bulgarian License to Moldovan Lottery

    Good news for players in Moldova, Kambi has announced its plans to expand the Bulgarian service it provides to the Moldovan lottery. That will allow all citizens the option to enjoy an online and retail sportsbook. Let’s take a look. According to the latest online gambling news, the move to Moldova is set to take […]

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    Supplier Kambi sign Sportsbook Deal for Mohegan Sun

    In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the Suppliers Kampi, who have taken on a sponsorship deal to host sportsbook Mohegan Sun. That means that Mohegan Sun will have the privilege of using the online and retail sportsbook solutions Kampi has to offer. Let’s take a look. If you haven’t had the chance […]