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    Former Gambling Addict opens up on Dangers of Gambling Addiction

    At the age of just 23, an anonymous person, who we will call Seth, had the whole world in front of him. However, he suffered a serious brain injury after an attack outside a nightclub leaving him in a coma. After making the wrong decisions, he went down the road of gambling addiction and has […]

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    Do gambling women receive the same help as men?

    In this article, we’ll be looking at a story which recently broke out about a woman who found herself in a deep gambling addiction hole. Kelly Field told her story to ITV who have their own show, Cleaning Up, about a woman who is an office cleaner and turns to crime to cover her gambling […]

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    Theresa May Plans to Shake-up NHS with Gambling Addiction Clinic

    Like her or hate her, Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to install a new system in the NHS (National Health Service) specifically to help problem gamblers. This will be a massive part of her £20.5bn investment into the health service. What it will give is new jobs, new health lines for addicts and also […]

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    Norwich Father Faces Jail after gambling with Stolen Money

    It’s always a sad time at Christmas when you find out one of your relatives has been naughty. In this case, a father who comes from Norwich was playing with stolen money worth £1m to fuel his addiction. The gambling addict now faces jail after his previous behavior. It’s a sad story for the family, […]