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Play Ancient Gods at Intertops With a Bonus


Just in, there’s a new game on the block called Ancient Gods. Not only that, but playing at this online gambling site will include a massive bonus. Here’s why you should play Ancient Gods at Intertops. Let’s find out that what all the hype is all about. 

Intertops Casino have been delivering online goods for about 20 years. That is to say, they have been servicing gambling in the highest order for the past two decades. This time, there’s a new game being talked about called “Ancient Gods”. Before we take a look at the new game, we recommend you keep up to date with the latest online gambling news.

Here’s why to Play Ancient Gods at Intertops Casino

Ancient Gods is based on the “Guardians of the Universe”. That is to say, they consist of 5 major symbolic beasts. The Tiger, the Snake, the Turtle, the Dragon and the Phoenix. Their mission, is to keep the universe intact. Collecting Golden Medallions increases your chances of winning Free Spins.

So here’s that bonus we’ve been talking about:

150% up to $300 + 50 spins*

Coupon code: 150ANCIENT

That’s not all though! There’s a second bonus for those wishing to make the most of bonus perks.

25 free spins

Coupon Code: 25ANCIENT

We would like to remind you that the Ancient Gods at Intertops Bonus is available until the 31st of July.

Log-in now to take advantage of the bonus and be sure to have fun playing the game.

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