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Hits n Folds: August 8 – August 12


Hits – Online Gambling News

Top 10 Hottest Female Poker Players (Be Careful not to get Burned!)

Top 10 Hottest Female Poker Players

Check out Gambling Herald’s list of the 10 hottest female poker players with the biggest boo…. BRAINS! I’m guessing you won’t even bother reading what’s written in the text of this article, so just enjoy feasting your hungry eyes on the top 10 babes with boo… damn it! I meant babes with poker brains, I promise! Actually, to be honest, the text itself doesn’t even matter when the images can explain so much more… Make sure to share this article with your friends! If you don’t, nothing bad will happen, you won’t have bad luck for 7 years, your football team won’t lose for the next 3 years, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll just be a plain d**k if you keep this post all to yourself. Don’t be greedy man! Haven’t you heard the expression “Sharing is caring!’ Read more…

Rio Olympics Novelty Bets

Rio Olympics Novelty Bets

(Image credit: Telegraph)

Check out some of the most extraordinary Rio Olympics novelty bets that select gambling providers around the world are offering. Besides the common bets like ‘whether or not Neymar is actually a girl trapped in a man’s body’ (KIDDING!) there are also tons of other unusual and even unorthodox betting markets to wager on during the Games in Rio. Read more…

Folds – Online Gambling News

Yay! No bad new last week!

Hits – Online Gambling Promotions

Claim up to £100 Welcome Bonus and 440 Free Spins with Mr Green Casino!

Mr Green Casino Free Spins

If you like winning with someone else’s funds, then join Mr Green Casino today to grab up to 20 Free Spins on sing-up and another 420 Free Spins when you make other deposits. This will bring your total count to 440 Free Spins (in case you have trouble making simple calculations). But I guess you don’t have to bother adding numbers when you’re super rich! You can have someone else do all the counting for you. (For more info about the online casino, check out Mr Green Casino Review at Gambling Herald.) Oh, and lest I forget, there’s also a cool 100% max £100 welcome bonus waiting when you register with the online casino, so make sure to collect that as well to add to your account. Read more…     Play now!

Collect €1,000 and 100 Free Spins at the Luxurious PlayGrand Casino!

PlayGrand Casino Welcome Bonus

There’s a whopping €1,000 prize up for grabs as a Welcome Bonus as soon as you open an account with PlayGrand Casino. Only a handful of casinos offer this kind bonus, and PlayGrand is one of them, so join now and have a go at any of the games with €1,000 in your arsenal. (Take a look at PlayGrand Casino Review for more details about the online casino.) On top of that, you can also receive 100 Free Spins from the online casino, but I understand if you’re a kind soul and you’d rather me have them. If you want to send them to me instead, please contact me and I’ll give you my PlayGrand Casino account info! Read more…     Play now!

Win a Share of €15,000 by Playing Online Slots with Casino Moons!

Casino Moons Jackpot

What more should be said about this? Let’s keep it simple: join Casino Moons ASAP and collect your piece of the €15,000 pie. If you don’t, you risk missing out on this awesome jackpot! (Check out Gambling Herald’s Casino Moons Review for more info about the online casino.) The more you play, the more points you’ll earn that can see you crowned the winner of the tournament. The first prize carries a guaranteed reward of €3,178, so join the fun now! Read more…     Play now!

Play All Kinds of Slots with up to 105 Free Spins at PlayGrand Casino!

PlayGrand Casino Free Spins

PlayGrand Casino gave out a total of 105 Free Spins for all us ‘reel’ enthusiasts until August 12. For those of that happened to be around at PlayGrand then, we scooped a pretty penny with the extra rewards. But don’t worry if you missed out on this Free Spins bonus. There will be plenty of bonuses to maximize your earnings with. (For more info about the online casino, check out PlayGrand Casino Review at Gambling Herald.) Check back on a regular basis to see what other cool offers there are. Read more…     Play now!

Folds – Online Gambling Promotions

Wuuu huuu! No bad gambling promotions last week!

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