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Here is the Welcome Bonus Definition

In this article, we will uncover what is the Welcome Bonus definition. For many players, they will have heard and will totally understand what this bonus consists of. However, this article is for those of you who still have their doubts about them. Let’s check out what these bonuses are then. 

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Welcome Bonus Definition Explained

All online casinos offer welcome bonuses. A lot of them, offer bonuses on specific games. These bonuses, which many of you have already seen, sound brilliant.

Here’s how the welcome bonus works. An online casino will tell you, ‘deposit for a 100% bonus.’ This means, that the house is willing to pay you double. Should you deposit $100, you will receive $200 in your account. That sounds easy and generous.

The reason behind these online casinos giving out such luxurious offers is to get players trying out different slot games. There are more than a thousand slot games online in most casinos so why not try them all out.

Literally, this is extra money given by the online casino for you to go and blow. And why not? If it is just extra money, why not go for it?

Behind the Beauty

As the picture begins to unfold, wouldn’t that mean that players would constantly be winning? Why not sign in, collect $100 and cash out? Well, that’s when wagering terms come into play. This is the catch.

If there is a wagering term of x50, which is ridiculously high, it means you will have to bet 50 times over your money.

That is to say, with the $100 you deposited, that’s $50,000.

This is where you have to make wise choices in choosing the correct online casino. At Gambling Herald, we have a list of rating with all the necessary information you need to know about each individual casino.

Naturally, some players think of this as unjust and therefore, casinos lower their welcome bonus in order to create more lasting relationships. That is to say, the lower the wagering requirement, the happier the customer, the happier the casino – because they have finally made a happy customer who will return.

A good casino is Casumo. The wagering requirements are x25 however they give a 200% deposit on first bonus. Not only that, but their welcome package is split into 5 different sections. This gives players the option to make up to £1,200 and 200 Free Spins.

Like that, customers may find themselves in a win-win situation with the online casino. We hope this should answer any doubts you had about the welcome bonus definition. Hopefully, you’re good to go from now on. If not, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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