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Casino Tips and Tricks for Beginner Gamblers


Casino tips and tricks for beginner gamblers aim to enlighten the players who want to know about the best ways to make money at a casino despite being a newbie. You need this guide only if you are heading to Las Vegas. If you wanted to stay at home and enjoy high-tech gambling, then you can check the best online casinos in the United States.

Once you jump into the world of gambling, you will be mesmerized by glittering luxury of casinos and appealing charm of the casino games. It is natural if you forget that odds are actually against you as there is always house edge. However, if you are well-informed and careful enough, you can turn your fate around and start making money at casinos.

Let’s start with some basic information before heading to point by point casino tips and tricks for beginners. First of all, as we already mentioned that odds are against you, there is always a house edge which can be reduced if you are good at what you are doing. So, no worries!

The second essential point is that time is against you. The more time you spend at a casino the less chance you have to go home with profit. That is how Donald Trump managed to beat the Japanese high-roller Akio Kashiwagi who almost kicked Trump out of business in the beginning of the 90s. Trump’s mental consultant was the mathematical probabilities expert Jess Marcum. It turned out that the guy knew what he was talking about. All the free cocktails, shrimps, and other comps are there to keep you more in the casino. They also pump oxygen to keep you awake so that you won’t call it a day and go to sleep.

Let’s check the casino tips and tricks for beginners step by step:

Casino Tips and Tricks – Find Your Game

Akio Kashiwagi was indebted to Trump when he died but previously he managed to make $15 million at Trump Plaza. The key factor behind Kashiwagi’s success was that he knew his game. He mainly played Blackjack which has relatively less house edge; therefore, the gambler’s chance of success is higher compared to other casino games. Moreover, if you manage to count the cards, you can even beat the dealer decreasing the significance of chance factor. Well, this is how to win at the casino with little money, if you are wondering about it at all. Find your game and master your skills at it. And stay away from such games as Keno as the odds are not in your favor at all.

Casino Tips and Tricks – Practice Matters

Practice is essential unless you are a recreational gambler who doesn’t care about losing or winning much. But, if you really want to increase your odds then you should consider practicing your skills. For instance, if you want to win money playing blackjack in a casino, you read our Blackjack for Beginners guide and also check our Blackjack Free Play page to master your skills before wagering real money in a casino. Don’t believe in what the former NBA star Allen Iverson says about practice.

Casino Tips and Tricks – Keep the Game Shorter

As we already point out that time is against you; so use it wisely. It doesn’t mean that you should play for 15 minutes and go home. But, if you are already winning and have spent a lot of time in a casino, don’t wait until dawn to equalize your wealth with Dan Bilzerian’s. It is always better stay sober, focused, and agile. You don’t have to post on social media if you are playing, for instance. Keep your chips piled in order and put your drink aside so that you won’t wash the game table with your champagne. You should also keep the waitress wait instead of stalling the game if she comes to you when it is your turn to play.

Casino Tips and Tricks – Scrutinize the Casino that You Play In

It is important to familiarize yourself with the casino that you play in. It includes identifying the clumsiest dealers in the casino. According to Bill Zender, there are less than 100 professional blackjack card counters in the world. If you can count cards, you are pretty close to hit the jackpot. But, it is important to find a clumsy dealer who wouldn’t realize your technics easily. A foxy dealer can get you kicked out of the casino although Nevada gambling laws don’t say anything card counting. If you are in Las Vegas, you are in the land of casinos and you need to play according to their rules.

Casino Tips and Tricks – Stay Away from Shiny Spots

Our brain works in a way that the priming effect makes us think that the shiny things are more appealing. Presentation is vital. However, you shouldn’t forget that a greengrocer places the best, shiny apples in front of the un-fresh ones; once you get home you realize that you have 2 fresh apples and more rotten ones. Shiny casino games tend to have higher house edges. Therefore, find the hidden games; they are usually less skewed.

Casino Tips and Tricks – Find the Routine of an Old Machine

Have you ever wondered how to beat the casino slot machines? Yes, there is a complicated way to solve the gambling machines. Slot machines and other casino games tend to favor some numbers, shapes, and combinations as they get older. OK maybe you can’t do much about the slot machines as you don’t have a real control over the game, but you can find the routines of other old casino machines. Yes, it is definitely possible.

Casino Tips and Tricks – Know When to Walk Away

We already touched upon this topic. Time is money; but, not in a business sense that as you work you get more money. The more time you spend in the casino the worse odds you have. But again, it doesn’t mean that you should walk away after the first win. Just set a winning and a losing limit for yourself. When you are over the limit, you know that it is time to go home.

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