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    Betting on MLS Shirt Sponsors

    The latest reports suggest that the Major Soccer League, the MLS, have decided to take on gambling and liquor for shirt sponsorships. The league has confirmed that the 24 clubs can now use any sports betting and liquor companies as shirt and stadium sponsors. Let’s take a look at the story as a whole. According […]

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    MGM Resorts have become the new MLS Partner

    In this article, we’ll be heading to the US where MGM Resorts International have officially become the sponsors of the North American Major League Soccer (MLS). It is perceived that the MLS will follow a similar suit to the English Premier League and how football in the UK is now fully sponsored abroad. Let’s take […]

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    The MLS is getting closer to a Sponsorship Deal with a Gambling Company

    Within the US, sports are going down the same path as European football as gambling is becoming more and more widespread and accepted in the States. The latest reports suggest that the Major Soccer League (MLS), is “getting close” to a sponsorship deal with a gambling company. This would be a very close link to […]